Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm Still in the office... *sigh*

its 8 and i'm still in the office.. ala.. baru pukul 8 kan.. apa kes.. org lain duduk office sampai ke subuh..

i've stayed in office 24 hours.. balik lewat, pun xde hal.. sbb mmg ada benda nk kena buat.. but this time around, i'm hangging here.. they are doing some fixes.. and x bleh nk estimate when the fixes will be done.. td ada developer cakap.. semua dah ok.. dah fix.. we could proceed with the testing and stuff..

tp bila start testing x smpi 2 test cases... the same problem occurs.. benda ni dok ulang2.. hangin tau.. hello.. u guys paham x apa maksud unit testing.. after u have fix those problem, please conduct a unit testing fix.. suka hati fix terus bagi TQA (Test and Quality Assurance).. bengang ok..

pastu senang2 suruh u all stay back till 1 am.. oh my gucci!!!
tension mak....

please fix those problem.. perform unit testing.. after things are ok.. call me.. i'll come to office..
ada paham!!!

till then, saya mahu pulang...

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