Thursday, August 30, 2007

Malaysian Won the Pesta Bola Merdeka

Malaysia won 3- 1 to Myanmar in yesterday’s match.. at least maruah melaysia yg kalah masa Asia Game x berapa lama dahulu sedikit sebanyak terubat di samping Negara menyambut kermerdekaannya ke-50 tahun.. syabas skuad Bawah 23 Tahun Kebangsaan.. okay, I’m neither a big fan of footboll nor a plain girl who pretend to like football just to make me look cool.. but I do enjoy sports.. I enjoy sports and I play a couple of sports too…

Anyway back to yesterday’s match. Malaysia won the Pesta Bola Merdeka, and I heard from the commentator, the last time Malaysia team won the game was in 1993.. fuhh.. that’s really a long time ago.. I’m not gonna comment on the match, but I really stunned with yesterday’s captain who made the free kick... the ball was fast, isn’t it.. or it just me yg terlebih excited.. huhuhu.. (uuhh.. forgive me with the tern I used..) and I really hope that our national team will keep on improve their skills and make Malaysia proud. =)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


1. Explain yesterday.
yesterday was a history

2. Explain tomorrow.
defitnitely better than today, yesterday, last week, last month…

3. What about today - at 8
I had my breakfast

4. What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
leave a comment on najwa’s friendster

5. Something that happened to u in
I was one year old n I couldn’t remember a thing!

6. Last thing someone else said to
“zaila kirah baca kejap buku nih”

7. Last meal u had currently?
nasi campur..

8. Worst thing currently on television:
misteria.. why should we have the series on tv??

9. What was in email today?
jom lunch skali.. at 12:15

10. How many different beverages have
you drank today?

11. What was ur favorite part of the
masa balik dari keje.. uurrgghh that is about 150 minutes to come.. gheeee.. is the clock ticking??

12. Your current To-do list?
do I ever have one..? yeah I did.. but currently.. no..

14. What color is ur toothbrush?
Grenn, white/blue

15. What colour is ur hairbrush?

16. What are u wearing right now?
a shirt n a pair of jeans.. thank god I can wear jeans to work!!

17. Any plans for tonight?
ihlam’s house..

18. Least & Most favorite milkshake?
I like vanilla the most…

19. Things u bought today?
nothing at the moment

20. last text you received
can I just skip this one??

21. Who gave you that?
skip this one as well

22. What made you sad today?
OMG if u want me to tell u.. it takes 4days n 4 night to finished the whole story…

23. Finish this - Beauty is...

24. Describe your purse:
gold colour with flowery design…

25. What do you do if u're upset?

26. What are u thinking now?
if I con knock ‘that’ fella’s head. “grow up n stop being such a……” ohh.. I can’t finished the sentence or else I’ll go banana..

27. Person u trust the most?
My familia

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are u an "It Girl" ?

You Are an "It Girl"

You're outgoing, friendly, and charismatic.
You are aware of your image, and you are constantly improving yourself.
You're definitely the type of girl people love to be around!

Monday, August 27, 2007

... diet anyone..?

..Wah wah .. dah lama dah x menjengah ke blog ni.. nak kata xde benda yg nk di tulis.. there are a lots of thing mingled in my mind.. or I just dun have time to write..oooh.. that is soo last years’ excuse.. or maybe I just dun fell like writing at the moment.. but I guess I have to write something or else, my blog will be the next 'blog-pergi-takkan-kembali'.. huhhuhu..

Nothing much happens lately.. everyday is just like any other typical day.. oh ya.. from today onward, I’m start dieting… I’ll start to eat serious food instead of fast food.. regular excersice instead of casual work out.. yupp.. that's what I wanna focus on besides my job of course.. actually I’m not worry of gaining extra kilos, but I’m more concern with the cholesterol rate. Slim peoples tend to have high cholesterol rate n that scares me.

So, the plan is like this, Tuesday Latino steps class, Wednesday aerobics, Thursdays gym session. less rice.. less fat.. more soupy kinda meals.. And my target date is on 11 January 2008… 11 January..?? I wonder why I picked that date..???

Friday, August 24, 2007


Never knew that fall in love could be sooo complicated.. there is Him, Me and Our.. soo not use to to it yet