Monday, August 27, 2007

... diet anyone..?

..Wah wah .. dah lama dah x menjengah ke blog ni.. nak kata xde benda yg nk di tulis.. there are a lots of thing mingled in my mind.. or I just dun have time to write..oooh.. that is soo last years’ excuse.. or maybe I just dun fell like writing at the moment.. but I guess I have to write something or else, my blog will be the next 'blog-pergi-takkan-kembali'.. huhhuhu..

Nothing much happens lately.. everyday is just like any other typical day.. oh ya.. from today onward, I’m start dieting… I’ll start to eat serious food instead of fast food.. regular excersice instead of casual work out.. yupp.. that's what I wanna focus on besides my job of course.. actually I’m not worry of gaining extra kilos, but I’m more concern with the cholesterol rate. Slim peoples tend to have high cholesterol rate n that scares me.

So, the plan is like this, Tuesday Latino steps class, Wednesday aerobics, Thursdays gym session. less rice.. less fat.. more soupy kinda meals.. And my target date is on 11 January 2008… 11 January..?? I wonder why I picked that date..???

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