Friday, December 23, 2005

hard disk

I wanted an external hard disk so badly nowadays coz my internal HD is currently full!!! Arrgggghhh. That just make me tension. plus, I’m doing my final year project. Therefore I asked my bro to do the survey for me since I’m so lazy to go out..

After had survey the price at a few store, my brother found out its better to buy the 80 G rather than 40G. but i told him that its beyond my budget. he said he'll chip in a bite. but you know what, he chipped in a lot as i don't have to fork out my money.. thanks bro.. you are the best "alive" brother.. (oh yeah.. he even gave me a brand new hand phone couples of months ago... thank you X10000000...)

we bought the HD on the 11 Dec, so basically its a birthday present in advance. wait a minute, we bought it on the 11 Dec, so it exactly a "a-month-bday-present-in-advance".. and what makes me so excited bout this HD, its the casing. It's P.I.N.K in color. Actually I wasn't aware that the casing do available in pink, until i saw the Chinese leng chai brought it out. if asked him, is it possible for me to get that color as well. And he said that I have to pay rm300 for that... that is so b**lsh!t..he was joking actually and i got that pink casing at last.

Later the sales man gave my HD and i answer him in Cantonese.. he asked me whether I. speak cantonese. I said "yeah, ngo lam pang yau chinese ma..".. (like I really have one.. hehhehe..) He was shocked and asked for my confirmation.. "chan ge..?"..I took my HD my replied " hai lo". And I walked away. He was so impress and treated me nicely and I can see sign of so tak sangka on his face.

So, lesson of the day: speak a little the sales man’s mother tougue. (and of cause you must know the language, otherwise you’ll make fool of yourself) They will impress and treat you more friendly PLUS you'll get good bargain.

And the winner goes to....

So... year 2005 is saying goodbye to us soon.. Really soon.. Have you people achieved your 2005 resolution.. or you just kind a forget what's your 2005 resolutions are. Or you just got excited bout the goal set for the past 3 weeks of the year and tend to forget bout it somewhere in march. Don’t' freak out.. Most people do that.. I’m not going to talk about my new resolution. it's too early to set up 2006 resolution.. Probably people will wait till date January 1st and decide what they really want to achieve in the next year.. so cliché.. emm.. So lets find the best, the most..etc..

And the winner goes to….

The most weird laugh (i mean who laughs a lot)
Sleeping beauty of the year
The most gullible person
Person who buys cosmetic product the most (but ended up giving it to people)
The person who look up for the opportunity of making business the most
The most "abang"ness among all
The most jiwang girl
The one has the lowest "tahap lawak"
The most had make-up on her face
The person who travel with plane the most
Miss JJ of the year
The most nite owl (up to 6 a.m... u know what I mean)
Obsession on getting her–hair-coloured of the year
Saila [one account student got “sesated”) in this thingy award]
Head turner of the year
The person who try their level best to stop smoking of the year
The one who getting most attention from masrul
Mr. "he-knows-everything"
Pok Ya
Person with the weirdest nick name
Kak Yanti (tuyup)
Miss novel-freak of the year
Miss happy-go-lucky-who-never-had-a-problem
Miss petite of the year
Mek Su

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the war has just began....

it seems that my house mate is so into creating their very own flava of blog skin. so, we can see the war between ita and yien plus yan(she has her own blog now.. due to join the joy of creating her own page).. k blame this to SYUD as she is the ONE who came out with her very creative blog skin.its really nice though.. so ita got jealous ( i guess).. she hired syud as her unofficial blog skin designer. but syud don't really get paid for that.hehehhe... so when ita published her blog, yien also wanted her blog customised. and again syud is "hired".. recently after that.. yan poped out the idea of getting her own blog published.. gheee.. people...take a break... what ever it is. you guys have the nicest blog.. keep up the good work!!!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

aaarrrggghhhhh (zaila's version)

another day spent in terengganu...

ghee..i'm so bored. bored to death.. i even get my head red due to my 'bosan'ness... although there is a big event (Monsoon Cup) goin on right here in Terengganu, but just not so into it... tomorrow my freinds and i planning to go to Baru Buruk to check out big boys toy... its CARS, people..!!! what are u guys thinking.. read in news today that a luxurious car (something that u can own although u work hard for 20 pathetic years!!)will be exhibited @ B.B. i heard that there will be Ferrari, Porche, Lamborghini, etc... maybe i can check it out cute 'mat saleh' hunk.. yeah rite!!

as usual.. i'll be counting days to be home and spend my semester break wif my long lost freinds....

c ya!