Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the war has just began....

it seems that my house mate is so into creating their very own flava of blog skin. so, we can see the war between ita and yien plus yan(she has her own blog now.. due to join the joy of creating her own page).. k blame this to SYUD as she is the ONE who came out with her very creative blog skin.its really nice though.. so ita got jealous ( i guess).. she hired syud as her unofficial blog skin designer. but syud don't really get paid for that.hehehhe... so when ita published her blog, yien also wanted her blog customised. and again syud is "hired".. recently after that.. yan poped out the idea of getting her own blog published.. gheee.. people...take a break... what ever it is. you guys have the nicest blog.. keep up the good work!!!!

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