Monday, June 30, 2008


molek rupanya,
periang karaktornya,
hip gayanya,
Cemerkap tingkahnya,
sempurna ni mata kita.

Sebalik dia
Gelora perasaannya,
Sebalik dia
Kecamuk rasanya,
Sebalik dia
dendam membara.

Sebalik dia
lain wajahnya
Sebalik dia
bengis perwatakkannya,
Sebalik dia
pelbagai akalnya,
Sebalik dia,
penyedut darah mangsanya.

Siapakah rakan pada si dia
Siapakah seteru bagi si dia.

Jika dilaungkan pada dia,
Siapa aku di sisi mu,
tercoret jawapan di air mukanya
tanpa perlu irama kata.

"Usah ditanya siapa kamu di sisi ku.
Akan ku hampirimu, jika ku perlu kamu..
Selagi dirimu tidak ku seru,
nyahlah engkau dari pandanganku."

"Sekiranya kau pembawa untung,
akan ku simpan kau di kantung,
kan ku jadikan kau sebagai patung,
sehingga hari kan bersambung."

Begitulah madah wahai si dia.

molek rupanya,
periang karaktornya,
hip gayanya,
Cemerkap tingkahnya,
sempurna ni mata kita.

Joy!!! this is just wat i need...

masa g jalan nk tapau lunch.. my friend told me something.. yeeeehaaa.. mcm best.. tp x confirm lagi... nk seronok lelebih pun x sure lagi.. walau pape pn.. i'm thrillll...

today, officially my mom has only a child... my brother.. eh silap.. she has two children my brother aand my late brother.. do u see my name in the previous sentences.. no... nak larik rmh bleh x? i'm already 24, so consider lari dari rmh ke...

i did mentioned that 24.. i bet there are lots of lalats out there will say, come on la.. dun act like a child.. but whats the fuss... can u read at the url up there, this blog is belong to mine.. so sukatik aku la nk cakap apa pun..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cik Noor dah bersalin

masa first day kt muka bumi.

wah sudah celik biji mata nya
the mummy n the baby

wah.. mentang2 first baby.. bnyk nya dapat hadiah
nk satu bleh x??
the mummy, the daddy and the baby

2nd day..

pagi tadi dapat sms dari org jauh..msg nya berbunyi

"Assalamualaikum. dh tau lum sy bersalin ahad mlm 22 jun?Baby girl. comei mcm sy.. kui kui kui.. kena operation sbb ms cntracctuion, jantung baby ada problem. so, terpaksa dikeluarkan segera. skrg semua dh ok dan baby sihat.. :) alhamdulillah.Esok dah bleh balik rmh.. insya allah..

bila ditanya nama baby ni apa.. jawab nya.. Noor Khadijah Khairudin. =)

Congrats cik noor..
p/s: bila nk bawa balik baby ke sini???

gambar dicedok dari fotopages cik noor

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

do i need braces???? Help.. need ur opinion...

early in the morning, i just browsed my friendster. yeah.. kinda buzy now days, (but i can't efford to have a dopod as my PA.. huhuhu). so checked my message box ant there is a message from bmy bro ex-gf.. yup.. my bro ex-gf. she's asking me whether i wanna have braces for teethe.. cz the doc needs ptn..owh.. omg!!! i used to want to put on braces in my younger days (mcm udah tua sangat aku ni..) but i'm not sure i should put in on or not.. i alwasy wanted a nice straight teeht.. what do u guys think.. should i have it or not.. since i have a horrible-senget front tooth.

p/s: i think i will look completely like a NERD.. braces, glasses n ungly =( i seriously need ur opinion

Monday, June 23, 2008


huhu.. today kinda of very the lepak.. whoa.. ini baru la pertama kali dalam sejarah dok lepak.. huhuhu.. so ok la.. esok2 sibuk balik... nothing much..
tetiba teringat cite yg dok disembangkan ngn mama.

terbuka la cite kenapa si budak taufiq tu a.k.a my bro tu, muka dier putih sangat sbb keluarga aku xde la yg putih melepak.. ok i know my mom is fair, but brother was like snow white... get what i mean.. so mama pun bukak cite.. probably, my brother jadi putera salju cz my mom terkenan kt sorang kawan kerja nya nama 'Zaki'. mmg mat ni putih habis habis. by that time my said that she can't stand fair people.. bila tgk je org yg cerah2 dier rasa semacam.. tu la.. nk jadi cite.. terus adik aku tu mmg la pputih habis..

huhu.. bahaya gak bab terkenan2 ni ek.. nasib la mak aku tu x berapa suka tgk org kulit putih masa dier mengandung je..(ala macam wanita lain yg mengandung tu.. ada yg x bleh bau masakan.. x boleh masuk dapur, but in my mom case, she x boleh tgk org kulit putih..)

cuba la korang bayang kan ek... cuba cuba.. dapat bayang kan x.. katakan lah.. korang tgh mengandung.. skali kan.. when u deliver, turn out that our baby's face is so similar to you rival ke.. or your enemy ke.. and yg paling gempaks.. muka anak u ols.. mcm kekasih hati bekas gf or bf korang...
huwaaaaa... nangis babe..

ke.. kalau org sakit hati ngn enemy korang tu.. doa kan yg muka anak dier mcm muka korang.. hahah.. giler kejam kan..amacam??? ada berani..

mcm mana aku bleh keluar ngn idea mengarut ni... huhu cz i mean... the next CRUELLA..HAHAHAHA

Friday, June 20, 2008


akhirnya.. settle jugak segala kerj yg pending2.. payah gel kalau keje kena relate ngn org lain.. hari tu, dier bantai amik cuti 3 hari.. mengelabah org HQ sbb aku x reply email diorg.. huhuhu..aduss.. dah naik semak dah inbox.. kalau keje kt intec dulu, dalam seminggu, ada la dalam 5,6 email.. kalau ada pun, biasa nya org hantar bagi tau pasal timesheet.. la ni.. sehari mau dalam 20 email minta diberi perhatian.. aduss.. tetiba teringat satu email yg pasal budah HP yg mati sebab jauh kepenatan, pastu kepala terkena apa ntah, lalu mati.. adusss.. jangan la jagi gitu.. mintak dijauh kan..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Day I Makan x Ingat Dunia

I’m fasting today, and amazingly, I didn’t feel hungry at all.. Serious!! Ok maybe now I feel a bit hungry but I still can tahan now. Huhuhu.. During sahur, I just drank plain water and ate love letters(4 sticks) with my I closed.. giler sayang tido..=). Actually tak sahur pun xpe since I ate reallllly banyak on yesterday’s lunch.I ate nasi with ikan keli masak sambal, ayam goreng (the ikan keli is like so tiny so I have no choice.. cewah.. alasan), 3 tiny wantans, and fish cake and Cloud 9 choco.. mak aih.. makan ke.. mentekedarah aku ni. Mentang2 makanan kat sini murah.. ye la. Do u have any idea how much my BIG lunch cost rm5.50 including Cloud 9... =D.

Eemm.. nk makan apa masa buka puasa ye… suddenly, I’m craving to eat Secret Recipe chocolate indulgence and Fish n chip.. Adoi… toloongg…

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Craps I Do..

I got tagge by yien.. since this one is sooo panjang giler, so i decided to break it to several part.. if i put it all i bet u guys won't read it..hahahha..
here u go..

1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you?
- Yup.. and the most memorable when I was in 1st year in uni.. gilak ar korang.. I miss u all. And I stil have the banner that u guys prepared for me.. soon to be blog. =)

2. Are you easily excited?
- sangat.. kurang sikit daripada yien. hehe

3. What event is coming up that you’re most excited about?
- I’m excited about everything. So can’t really tell

4. Which of your friends is most excitable?
- all of them

5. If you won a million dollars what would be your first thought?
- confirm ramai org cari aku.. larikkkkkk….!!!!!

6. If you could have anything right now, what would it be?
- I want a vacation.. seriously.. syikin.. lepas hang habis master, jom p cuti2


1. Name? – Hidyah, Zaila, Nina, Lulu, Kak yong.. anything will do

2. Where were you born? – KL.. I’m a city girl!!

3. What’s your main goal in life? – live life to the fullest.

4. Do you want to have children? – everyone does.. ye ke?? I want 4.. insya allah
5. How do you want to die? - died as a perfect muslim!! Ii hav eto agree with yien


1. Sex before marriage? - ..100% no-no

2. Lower the drinking age? – do we really need to lower the drinking age when people can selamba badak menonggang.. yeah I know what is on your mind. Rules are meant to be broken.. gasak korang la.. dosa sendiri tanggung

3. Politics? – very subjective. Everyone is playing dirty including… (fill in the blank)

4. Recycling? – I practice this!! I think u people start doing this.. Save the source save the world


1. Do you have a crush? – who doesn’t?

2. Who is the best hugger that you know? – emmm..

3. Do you believe in love at first sight? – yup.. but never happen to me.

who to tag?
kak rah

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Milk Loves You - Feed-A-Child Campaign

At MilkLovesYou, u may help them to feed a needy child. With every click at Feed-a-Child icon, Tetra Pak and it brands partners will donate 1 pack of UHT milk. 100 000 packs are ready to be given. With you small effort, it will helps lotsa needy out there.. so, why wait.

Have u drink your milk today?

Hey you readers, how many of a big fan of milk? Hands up.. ok maybe not a big fan la. Tapi siapa minum susu regularly? I bet not many of us really like to drink milk. But u that a pack of milk contains lots of nutrient that helps in to improve our health. Here are some facts on milk. Check it out, it may benefits you. =)

  1. reduce of decay tooth by acting as substitute for siliva.
  2. nutrient in a pack – contain high-quality protein, calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, phosphorous, niacin equivalents, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin A as well as other essential nutrients.
  3. ladies…pay attention. Drinking milk will reduce PMS as much as 50% which may include irritability, food craving, abdominal blotting and cramp, among other.
  4. Insomniac, mark this. If u couldn’t sleep, all u have to do is heat your milk and drink it before go to bed.

Read more at MilkLovesYou

Monday, June 16, 2008

P. Ranlee The Musical

I like theater. I really do, in fact one of my teacher is a theater actress. To those who always drop by at Actor’s Studio play, you will definitely know who Sukarnia Venugopal is. There was this time; I dropped by at Cikgu Fatty house (Sh. Amani’s mother. Btw, don’t ask me wht I’m doing there.) When I told her that Miss Sukarnia used to taught me in Samad, at once she called her husband, “ Abang, this is Suki’s student.” Aa.. Famous tak famous cikgu aku tu. =)

So since ENFINITI PRODUCTIONS decided to put on another show for P.Ramlee The Musical, I was so excited. But then, I had no idea why I didn’t make any reservation for the tic. Maybe I was quite busy then. Until last Monday, I realize that I haven’t purchase the tics.. Damn!! How can I forget. Aa.. mmg best la.. pastu, I called Access Ticket to ask for availability of tics for the show. Die bleh kata tinggal RM 150 n RM200. takkan la aku nk beli kan.. lain la kalau aku gaji berkoyan2.

What to do. Pasrah je la.. Bukan rezeki. Konon nk sedapkan hati. So until last Friday, when I was reading the newspaper and I came across to this ad. “Celcom akan menaja satu lagi persembanhan P.Ramlee The Musical” What!!!. Kalai ni, tidak dapat tidak, mesti g beli gak.

Actually I asked oya to buy for me, tp x jadi. Sebab konon ada rusuhan kt KLCC, xpe la.. kang jadi pape kt anak org kang, au plak kena menjawab. I quickly called kirah, and asked her to get my tic from tower records. Not only that, in the ad, they did mentioned that there will be 30% off for celcom customer. Am I a celcom customer?Nope! Maxis Die Hard fan.haha..think fast.. think fast.. ahha.. Cik dee.. click msn -> dee -> “cik dee, u guna celcome kan nk pinjam fon bleh?” cik dee bagi green light.. caya la.. mmg dpaat 30% off .. thanks kirah, thanks cik dee.. dapat gak tgk.

Since semalam balik pun lagi 1 minit pukul satu x sempat nk transfer gambar. esok2 i'll upload gambar lain plak. = )

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jemput la datang ke rumah

huhuhu .. rata2 ramai juga yg berbunyi pasal potongan 10% utk elaun keraian. mungkin org kata "ala.. elaun keraian je.. apa la sangat.. brapa byk sangat la diorg spend." so elaun keraian ni diorg spend kalau buat rmh terbuka masa perayaan. ok.. then mesti korang query plak. "raya setahun bukan nya setiap bulan. yg bulan lelain tu buat apa". emm.. kan kite slalu ada knjungan hormat dari pasa tetamu luar dan dalam negara. yg dihebah kan di tv, mahupun tidak. tetamu ni pun nk la kena jamu jugak kan. tak kn nk bagi sekadar air bujang or biskut kering.

kalau org datang rmh kite pun, skali hidang biskut kering.. giler kedek.. mcm itu la kisah nya.. akan ada gak org berkata.. "ala buat apa nk hidang, jamu makan bagai.." .. alo minaci u ada paham ka.. org datang rmh kalu.. musti mau kasi makan la.. kasi rai itu tetamu..

mcm ni la..kalau bagi contoh menteri2 punya keadaan korang x dapat byg kan.. aku punx leh nk descrie lelebih. aku pun x pernah kena invite g rmh pak2 mak2 menteri.. ni aku bagi contoh yg mudah la.. aku aku selalu datang rmh .. x kira la rakan tution ke.. rakan sekolah ke.. rakan matrik ke.. rakan uni ke.. rakan memanalah.. aku rasa so far.. mmg tip top mak aku melayan kengkawan aku yg datang.

kalau datang bermalam.. siap dier kemas n sediakan tempat tido bagai.. masak tu sedap2 la.. melainkan kalau waktu korang datang tu.. tanpa bagi tau. . ad hoc sanagat.. pastu dier baru balik keje.. then mm apa yg ada je la dier jamukan other than that mmg dier masak2 kaw-kaw punya. masa linda datang rmh.. dier masak kan nasi tomato n ayam masak merah.. ada sekali tu ain datang, dier buat nasi impit n lontong.. dll.. tetamu kan.. dier pun seronok nk masak utk org yg datang..

kekadang tu .. siap ada warning la tu.. "nina.. aku nk datang rmh ko.. masak sedap2 tau.." bukan aku nk cerita pasal korang datang aku kena bersusah payah masak.. tp aku nk erita bila ada org nk datang rmh.. aku perlu utk entertain korang..

so basically mcm tu la dierog spend elaun keraian tu.. kalau kalau tgh diskusi pasal benda2 penting yg melibatkan negara.. sekali serve biskut kering.. mau x jadi usahasama tu.. ala.. korang kalau datang rmh org pun .. sekali x diamu pape pn.. sure ada bunyi belakang..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sort of good news. Elaun PM, TPM dan menteri dikurangkan sebanyak 10%. OK la tu. At least there is something they can do. Walaupun au yakin 400% akan ada suara2 sumbang dok menyalak, “Ap barang 10%. Giler sikit. Tolak la banyak sikit dari elaun diorg tu”. Hello brother. Sikit sikit la dulu. Xkn nk terlalu drastik kot. Takkan nk tolak 50% dari elaun pak menteri tu kot. Kang tergujat plak mereka2 itu.. masa zaman rasulullah berdakwah dulu pn sedikit demi sedikit. Ok la tu. Makna nya mereka dapat kurang daripada apa yg mereka selalu dapat. ‘Sekejam-kejam kerajaan pun.. diorg x pernah kurang kan gaji korang kan. Paling tidak pun, x dapat bonus je. So baik korang tingkat kan prestasi, toksah menyalak. Focus untuk dapatkan rezeki yg halal. (aku x kata la korang sokong kerajaan. Janji dapat rezeki yg halal utk anak bini pun dah cukup bagus dah).

Nk baca lebh lanjut, klik sini.

P/s: sudah2 la tu menyalak sehingga x ketahuan. Kalau korang makin menyalak, makin penuh kantung korang ok gak.. ada gak hasil.. ini.. harraammm..

Monday, June 09, 2008

Blood Donation

Calling for people with AB- blood type.

Hey you.. yeap you out there.. Calling for people with blood type AB-. One of the eCosway staff’s daughter has to undergo for an operation Reenaa Amaran going for an operation on Wednesday 11th June 2008 at University Hospital. She need blood transfusion for the operation her blood group is AB - "Negative". This is a very rare blood group.

Anyone with this blood group, Please help and donate your blood for this child.

Please ask around and if you know of anyone with this blood group, please ask them to donate.

Anyone with this blood group can go to UM ( University Hospital Petaling Jaya ) and the ref. No : 16098587

Your generous help is very much appreciated. Thank You

May God Bless You

Sunday, June 08, 2008

iPod . Part II

I didn't rember when i wrote entry bout iPod. But i'm sure that i did mentioned something bout iPod. I'm so head over heel psl iPod thinggy. I even signed up for a credit card just to buy an iPod. Giler x.. Once i did make a statement that i only gonna sign up for a cc when my job required me to travell.. but then thinking bout fork out RM900++ from my saving.. IDTS is a good idea.. x sanggup tengak duit dalam acc tu susut.. moreover, i saw there is this shoip that offer easy payment for iPod.. ka-ching...
but then, i just talked to muffin's brother and he said that iPod Classic 80 GB cost RM700++... waaahhhh.. naik julin biji mata kau mendengar nya.. yeeehhaaaa.. that is it.. if Japan iPod cost rm200 cheaper than Malaysia's, i dun see why i need to pay more.. plus i can spen the rm200 to zhang my iPod.. omg!!.. yeah i know that i'm gonna get to someones nerves with this entry.. so sorry if u find reading this entry is torturing.. see ya....

Friday, June 06, 2008

Made of Honour

I’ve always wanted to watch this movie ..*wink wink to* what I really like bout this movie is because it is different from other movies. Is there anyone of us has come across the idea of having a guy as your made of honour (except for people who came out with this movie of coz) so they really think out of the box. Do something the out of norm. hey two thumbs up for you guys =).

Therefore, I actually want to do something out of the box by proposing my muffin. Ok not to propose him to marry me la of coz.. apa la u org ni. I’m gonna propose him to watch this movie together with me.. please I do reallllyyyy want this tickest.. (OMG!1!!! did I just sounded soooo desperate.. alamak)

Hi Muffin,
With this ring, I invite u to watch this movie with me. I’ve always wanted to watch this movie since my MR. Mc Dreamy is in it. Eemmmm.. but muffin.. dun worry.. cz u will always be my Mc Muffin..

Picture Captions

p/s: i know u guys gonna vomit blood after reading this entry. hahahaha

[Caption.iT - Picture Captions]

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tak hidup dek puji, tak mati dek keji

Orang akan memuji dan x kurang juga dengan mengeji. Walau bagaimanapun x salah kiranya untuk kite memuji seseorang itu. Bagi bebudak, dalam utk mendidik mereka kena la puji2 sikit.

Cth nya, kalau diorg basuh pinggan sendiri lepas makan, cuba puji dier.”wah.. bagus la kakak ni. Dah pandai cuci pinggan dah. Dah bleh kawin anak mama ni..”(ayat yg last, hanya utk tujuan melawak. Yg tu xyah cakap la. So secara x lansung bebudak ni dah ada motivasi utk buat keje.

Sama juga kalau dalam bekerja..huhu. sebenarnya, ni la yg cuba aku nk sampai kan.. tapi mukadimah.. panjang berjela. Kat opis pun mcm tu juga. Boss, leader perlu la kekadang praise utk kerja cemerlang yg dilakukan oleh pekerja. Baru la diorg rasa dihargai. Lagi pun x luak nya air liur korang. Ni hanya contoh la kan, bukan aku nk membangga diri, contah ek. Diulang C.O.N.T.O.H.

Alkisahnya. Boss aku suruh buat la satu documentation ni. So aku pun menggunakan la skill yg telah dipelajari sepanjang membuat dokumentasi sebelum ini. Pastu dipendekkan cerita, lepas aku hantar doc tu, dier pun yg aku kata “Good Job”. Kalau aku sempat tangkap gambaar muka aku masa tu, sure korang bleh ukur brapa besar lobang idung aku ketika itu. Ye la.. rasa dihargai la kan kiranya.

X mcm previous leader aku.. teramat la hampeh kiranya. Kalau hasil usaha org lain, memang x dihargainya. Tp kalau tang ter-buat silap sikit, amboi, dicanangnya satu team. Cilakakk!!! Ooopssss.. mak ter-emo nyah. Cth la kan, dulu kitorg ni ada la kena buat screen shot kaedahnya. Masa buat screen shot tu aku punya crop cantik2, siap tandakan bahagian mana result nya bagai.. kira mmg kemas la.. at least kalau org tgk screen shot aku tu, diorg bleh paham apa yang aku cuba sampaikan. Tp ramai gak yg buat keje mcm “as-bol” (asal boleh) atau pun “janji buat”. Print screen pas tu tempek kt words document, xde description, xde nk highlight test resultnya. Yang lagi best ada plak yg x crop lansung. Nampak la segala application yg benbondol2 byk nya kt tab bawah tu. Segala intenet explorer la, winamp la, words la.. semua nampak ye.. kot ye pun bang, crop la sikit. Jgn la nampak sangat kemalasan awak tu.tapi utk mereka ni, apa bos aku komen, xde apa. Elok je di mata dier.. ni pilih kasih ke hapa.
So korang nampak x, bunga2 kenapa aku tukar keje. Kalau ikut kan, sayang oi nk tinggal kan klcc tu. Tp x larat la melayan kerenah birokrasi yg entah apa2 ini. Tambahan pula aku ni bukan la favourite kan. I don’t simply kiss peoples’ ass ek.. tapi tu la.. x hidup dek puji, x mati dek keji.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Siapa makan cili...

Siapa makan cili,, dier la terasa pedasnya. Itu la ungkapan yg sering kita dgr dan diguna pakai. Kekadang orang x berkata pasal dier pun, tp latahnya lebih. Ada ke aku cakap si polan binti si pon, yg ko terasa tu apa kes. Bila org cakap pasal satu benda tu, kalau ko tetiba terasa(org yg berkata2 tu pn x mention pn nama siap), salah siapa. Salah org tu ke? Kalau ko x buat bagai dikata, tutup mulut, duduk diam2, org x cakap pasal awak pn sebenarnya. Tp kalau tetiba kau dah termelatah, ter naik hangin, x yah cakap banyak la.. semua dah sedia maklum, dari memula hanya satu org yg dimaksudkan, tetiba dah jadi dua. Kesian sendiri pegi selak kain sendiri. Siapa yg malu, mereka dan keluarga mereka. Lu ada otak, lu pk la sendiri. Siapa makan cili, dia yg terasa pedasnya.

Alamak terkena sudah.