Friday, June 06, 2008

Made of Honour

I’ve always wanted to watch this movie ..*wink wink to* what I really like bout this movie is because it is different from other movies. Is there anyone of us has come across the idea of having a guy as your made of honour (except for people who came out with this movie of coz) so they really think out of the box. Do something the out of norm. hey two thumbs up for you guys =).

Therefore, I actually want to do something out of the box by proposing my muffin. Ok not to propose him to marry me la of coz.. apa la u org ni. I’m gonna propose him to watch this movie together with me.. please I do reallllyyyy want this tickest.. (OMG!1!!! did I just sounded soooo desperate.. alamak)

Hi Muffin,
With this ring, I invite u to watch this movie with me. I’ve always wanted to watch this movie since my MR. Mc Dreamy is in it. Eemmmm.. but muffin.. dun worry.. cz u will always be my Mc Muffin..

Picture Captions

p/s: i know u guys gonna vomit blood after reading this entry. hahahaha

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dYRa said...

gud luck =)