Monday, June 16, 2008

P. Ranlee The Musical

I like theater. I really do, in fact one of my teacher is a theater actress. To those who always drop by at Actor’s Studio play, you will definitely know who Sukarnia Venugopal is. There was this time; I dropped by at Cikgu Fatty house (Sh. Amani’s mother. Btw, don’t ask me wht I’m doing there.) When I told her that Miss Sukarnia used to taught me in Samad, at once she called her husband, “ Abang, this is Suki’s student.” Aa.. Famous tak famous cikgu aku tu. =)

So since ENFINITI PRODUCTIONS decided to put on another show for P.Ramlee The Musical, I was so excited. But then, I had no idea why I didn’t make any reservation for the tic. Maybe I was quite busy then. Until last Monday, I realize that I haven’t purchase the tics.. Damn!! How can I forget. Aa.. mmg best la.. pastu, I called Access Ticket to ask for availability of tics for the show. Die bleh kata tinggal RM 150 n RM200. takkan la aku nk beli kan.. lain la kalau aku gaji berkoyan2.

What to do. Pasrah je la.. Bukan rezeki. Konon nk sedapkan hati. So until last Friday, when I was reading the newspaper and I came across to this ad. “Celcom akan menaja satu lagi persembanhan P.Ramlee The Musical” What!!!. Kalai ni, tidak dapat tidak, mesti g beli gak.

Actually I asked oya to buy for me, tp x jadi. Sebab konon ada rusuhan kt KLCC, xpe la.. kang jadi pape kt anak org kang, au plak kena menjawab. I quickly called kirah, and asked her to get my tic from tower records. Not only that, in the ad, they did mentioned that there will be 30% off for celcom customer. Am I a celcom customer?Nope! Maxis Die Hard fan.haha..think fast.. think fast.. ahha.. Cik dee.. click msn -> dee -> “cik dee, u guna celcome kan nk pinjam fon bleh?” cik dee bagi green light.. caya la.. mmg dpaat 30% off .. thanks kirah, thanks cik dee.. dapat gak tgk.

Since semalam balik pun lagi 1 minit pukul satu x sempat nk transfer gambar. esok2 i'll upload gambar lain plak. = )

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