Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Have u drink your milk today?

Hey you readers, how many of a big fan of milk? Hands up.. ok maybe not a big fan la. Tapi siapa minum susu regularly? I bet not many of us really like to drink milk. But u that a pack of milk contains lots of nutrient that helps in to improve our health. Here are some facts on milk. Check it out, it may benefits you. =)

  1. reduce of decay tooth by acting as substitute for siliva.
  2. nutrient in a pack – contain high-quality protein, calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, phosphorous, niacin equivalents, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin A as well as other essential nutrients.
  3. ladies…pay attention. Drinking milk will reduce PMS as much as 50% which may include irritability, food craving, abdominal blotting and cramp, among other.
  4. Insomniac, mark this. If u couldn’t sleep, all u have to do is heat your milk and drink it before go to bed.

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::she is zente @ eyka:: said...

sy minum susu!!!

Y.I.E.N.J.R said...

i lurve milk :)

dYRa said...

Milk lurve me !!! ;)

thezaila said...

yin n ita love milk. milk loves dR. and milk loves me as well.. in conclusion.. everybody love me..hahhaa