Wednesday, June 25, 2008

do i need braces???? Help.. need ur opinion...

early in the morning, i just browsed my friendster. yeah.. kinda buzy now days, (but i can't efford to have a dopod as my PA.. huhuhu). so checked my message box ant there is a message from bmy bro ex-gf.. yup.. my bro ex-gf. she's asking me whether i wanna have braces for teethe.. cz the doc needs ptn..owh.. omg!!! i used to want to put on braces in my younger days (mcm udah tua sangat aku ni..) but i'm not sure i should put in on or not.. i alwasy wanted a nice straight teeht.. what do u guys think.. should i have it or not.. since i have a horrible-senget front tooth.

p/s: i think i will look completely like a NERD.. braces, glasses n ungly =( i seriously need ur opinion


dYRa said...

if u hav enough money.. n u dream for a straight teeth..go n proceed gurl.

i vote for 'GO'
coz me myself also put it in my TO DO list. hehehe..

dYRa said...

bdw, the doc need ptn..
so ur treatment was for free ker?

thezaila said...

xde la free.. but waaaayyyy cheaper..
but i'm taking risk myself..
rasa nya new dentist.. so kalau dah new ni.. paham2 la kan.. but then x leh nk kata diorg x bagus at all.. cz mana la nk tau, ntah2 dier top student ke.. anyway i'm risking my life..huhuhuh.. korang doa kan la aku selamat ekk...