Thursday, February 28, 2008

the good old days

i had to attend a remedy trainning yesterday..

it was damn long and boring presentation..

plus it was an conference training..

maka bertambah2 la bosan nya..

rasa mcm dgr pita rakaman je..

and because of the boredom..

i browsed my pictures folder and came across these pics..

oooo.. how i miss the good old days...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can you feel the heat!!1

every where we go, the most talked issue would be the upcoming election.. question is.. who will become the next leader.. will the previous 'Yang Berhormat' manage to remain in their seats.. will BN remain their two third seats in the parliment.. we shall wait n see then..
BN just announced their manifesto yesterday.. sounds good and ‘masuk akal’..
Ok kot ye nk meraih undi, agak2 la janji2 manismu itu.. I came across to this article where PAS nk mansuhkan hutang PTPTN. WHT!!! apakah..??? igt sesenang je ke nk mansuhkan hutang peminjam2 yg berjumlah RM 2 billion..
Mak aih.. gilak ar.. just imagine, macam mana PTPTN nk cari duit utk mahasiswa mahasiswi akan datang.. for your information, I’m not working with PTPTN and I don’t have any relatives working there too..(in case if u guys wonder why I’m defending for PTPTN.. heheheehe)…
Last but not least.. to all Malaysian who had registered, please get out n vote!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new year new skin

Macam mana nk mula entry kali ni..
Tiba-tiba rasa macam nk aktif semula menconteng-conteng di blog.
It been quite a time it’s been abandoned.
Ooo poor you…
And I realize that in my previous post, there are lots (I mean really banyak) typo.
So starting today onwards, I’ll try my level best to decreas typing error by type the word in full instead guna shot form. Kalau boleh la..
Huhuhuh.. ok, as for now.. I need to think what my next entry will be since I haven’t post anything this year.
Ok folks. Tadaaaaaa..