Sunday, December 16, 2007

i feel really tired now... tire...??? i think exhausted describe me best.. its all bout the work that i'm currently working on. before i got into this project, i was told that its gonna be tough. but i never thought its gonna be this though.. tougher that i thought.. nggeeee... i even cried the whole week.. emm.. yeah yeah.. call me cry baby for the crying stuff... but i guess it helps a lot.. i rather crying than do other stupid stuff like.. emmm clubbing.. smoking.. etc
emmm.. yesterday i went to my company annual dinner.. actually i dun really feel like going.. penat.. there are some issues that i'm really pissed off.. i thought of sitting at home all nite long.. but then, suddenly i felt like i should go.. there was an iPhone to grab ... aha...
although i never been lucky enuff to grab prizes for lucky draw, cabutan bertuah, cabut dan menang that kinda thing.. but to be in the running to win the iPhone was not bad.. ye ye berdebar2 bila org announce nama pemenang.. but deep down inside, i really hope that i could be lucky.. FOR ONCE...
so there goes the 1st round of the lucky draw... did i win anything.. NO.. i didn't heard my name called.. and there goes the second round of the lucky drw.. does Teck mention Zaila.. Negative..never mind.. i'm aiming for the iPhone..hhehee (nak sedap kan hati la konon)..
so it left another last round of lucky draw.. there's only two changes, either i'm gonna grab the fabulous prize, or i don't win anything at all.. ghee.. "and the lucky winner for this draw is Zaila.." OMG!! they announced my name.. what did i win? what the heck. just go in front n claim ur prize doink.. sekali tgk .. i menang.. AUSD150.. CASSSHHHH!!! KA-CING!!! ya ampun...
yup i received AUSD 150 cash as the notes are in the aussie currency...
hooooreyyyy... sekurang2 nya ada gak benda penawar duka di kala kepenatan dan ke-tension-an..huhhu... as for now.. i'm gonna resume my work.. bertambah penat lagi.. =(..

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ten Layer

Layer One: On the Outside

Name: Norhidayah Zaila Zahari.. my mom, uncles n aunts from my mom’s side call me kak yong, my dad n my bro, uncles n aunts from my dad’s side call me nina.. my primary n secondary school mates call me hidayah .. my matrix n uni friends call me Zaila (cz its tooooo many Hidayahs around).. ita, yan n yin call me Lulu..
Birthdate: January 11th 1984
Current status: Not married
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown to blackish.. but not black..
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: My mom is Pattani and my dad is Javanese and that’s make me ‘Power’ ( as in Pattani + Jawa = Pawa )
My fears: not having my family around.
My Weaknesses: Procastinating.
My perfect pizza: eemmmm..
Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up: do I really need to wake up now.. ok.. 5 minutes..
My bedtime: 11.30...konon2 masuk tido.. tp dok bergayut sampai pukul brapa ntah..
My most missed memory: my secondary days n matrix.. miss u guys soo much
Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Mc Donald's or Burger King: Mc Donald's
Single or Group Dates: Single although people says the more the merrier
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Nestea
Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla!!!!!!!
Cappucino or Coffee: I dun take caffeine
Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: Never. i believe girls shouldn't smoke.. call me conservative but i guess girls who smoke looks like b**ch.. no offend.. just my 2 cent..
Curse: yeah.. I have a few peoples ni my list.. erk
Take a shower: slalu kena peringat..hahha..
Have a crush: a lots…eerrr.. does having crush on tom cruise, brat pitt, dean cain, count?
Think I've Been In love: yeah..
Go to school: Definitely
Want to get married: Duhhh!!
Believe in myself: of coz. Ye ke..?
Think I'm a health freak: I use to be…
Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: Never!
Gone to the mall: Duh!! Who doesn't
Been on stage: Yup and I love it!
Eaten Sushi: Never..
Dyed your hair: Yup.. the 1st on was when I kena tegur pasal x pakai tudung oleh en yahya.. (tp dR panggil en azizi).. next week masuk kelas…. Taddaaa… I coloured my hair.. rebellious nya… hahha
Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: Nope!
Changed who I am to fit in: I.D.T.S
Layer Nine: What was I doing
1 min ago: replying my sms
1 hour ago: Updating my test plans.. ya ampun. Bila nk habis ni
4.5 hours ago: Lunch.. kt bsn.. sampai sekarang kenyang giler..
1 month ago: I went to open houses.. dah sebulan dah habis raya…
1 year ago: tengah cari keje
Layer Ten: Finish The Sentence
I love: a lot of things till I can’t name it
I feel: I have the coolest mother in the whole wide world.. really.. she is sooo coooolll.. soooo baik.. sampai x tau nk cakap apa
I hate: when people thinks that he/she is always right a.k.a mr or miss i-know-everything.. gheee.. u r getting on my nerves.
I need: a new notebook

toing toing...

hi peeps.. yeah.. been busy for the couple of days.. lots of things need to be done... *sigh*
a lot of things happened around me..
there are seven test plan need to be prepare... plus the test data as well..
ghee.. too many things n too little time..