Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I’ve gain a few inch.. ok ..maybe an inch.. there are a few baju that I’m not comfortable to ware. Muat still muat.. but then I hate when the stomach is bulking out.. and if I’am wearing formal shirt, u people can really see that… OMG!! That’s really eaauuuuwwww… lucky I’m not reach the part that I have muffin top.. ok .. that’s the max.. sungguh memalu kan.. I tot I should watch my diet..but can’t help it.. I can turn to big eater u see.. pastu tetiba ter-berkata-kata dalam hati.. “alamak.. I need to work out to fit in my baju..” K

and the suddenly I remember bout the movie called monster-in-law. The story goes like this. A mother (Viola Field played by Jane Fonda) is not ready to face the fact her son (Kevin played by Micheal Vartan) is getting married. Yup her son is getting married. He getting married to a girl named Charlie (Jlo) who is an average girl… ok .. I’m not telling the whole story here.. I just wanted to point out a conversation that relates to my story.. so mak nya si kevin mcm x berapa berkenan ngn Charlie sice hanya org biasa..saja je nk sakit kan hati si Charllie ni.. one of the conversation goes like this

Viola : ooppssss.. don’t eat that dear. Afraid that u cannot fit your wedding dress.
Charlie : I make my wedding dress to fit me. Not the other way round..

Perrgghhhh.. giler confident.. but I dun care.. I want to slim down so that I can fit my baju.
Quote dari mat mana ntah.. (dgr masa tgk E! Do and don’t for wedding.. gitu la gamak nya tajuk cite tu)

“girl.... don’t spend so much on ur wedding dress. Why not enroll for gym class, and get the super hot body.. when you bod is superb, u can look superb in everything u wear..”

yeah.. I’m gonna dat.. =)

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