Monday, May 26, 2008

Juara AF6 jatuh kepada... STACY.. alamak.. terlebi suda

Whoa… the latest AF season just over.. pheww… what can I say.. this year’s af is kinda… boring.. I dun really sit in front of the tv and waited anxiously for the weekly concert like I usually did during af2.. memandang kan ni mcm acara tahunan.. so .. tgk je la.. to see whats new.. but its quite frustrating when they keep on ‘recycling’ the same lame gimics… (dah xde idea ke..)

what can I say, stacy deserve the number one spot.. she deserves it.. every single weeks, she delivered a superb and powerful vocals n energy.. that’s what I call GIRL POWER.. but if I were one of the judges, and if there were not voters involved to choose the winner, I would have pick Riz.. ok ok.. not because, I’m a girl and he’s a boy.. x main la nk buat keputusan dgn berlandaskan paras rupa dan kesukaan hati.. but then, Riz is definitely a borned-singer..

ye la.. so far kan.. masa konsert2 tu.. dier punya adlib sangat la bagus(sekurang2 nya aku rasa mcm tu). For instance, lagu ketulusan hati tu.. alahai, I’ve to say that I prefer Riz’s version compared to Anuar Zain’s.. Sorry anuar, I really like all of your songs, but this one I’ve to give it to Riz.. (cewah.. beriya aku tulis cenggini. As if si anuar kalin pelikat tu baca blog aku la.. har har har). And last week’s concert, once again Riz sang on of my favourite numbers.. eeemmm… remember I did wrote bout this 11 January song. And again, in my personal opinion, he is better that Gigi.. ok if u guyz haven’t listen to the song, just click the play button at the clip.. tp yg versi Gigi la..versi Riz x dapek lagi la..xpe la Riz.. x menang pn xpe.. Bak kata Adlin Arman Ramli, “Kalau ko bagus, ko bagus…”

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