Tuesday, May 06, 2008

great wall of china

Kadang kadang bagus juga ada dinding “pelindung”. Bukan semua benda pasal kita, kita boleh share ngn org lain.. there are things that we need to keep it to oursulf.. and only the right person that can come over to the other side of the wall. That particular person is definitely someone who understands you well. =).. u know.. its good to have some one u can talk to. Some one that would listen to every single word you say, a shoulder to cry on. Its nice if u have more that one person to share the good and bad moments together. The number of these people is depending on how high u set your wall.

Maybe you think, only lucky people can get to know me better. Only those who meet the “requirement” set by u would be the one. But what can I say, at the end of the day, u are the one who is unlucky.

Some people might thing, its good to have the iron wall, so that no one will interfere you. Iron instead on bricks. And to them, no one is allowed to know me. “You can’t really see me. You can’t really see who I am.” And they feel secure that way. And we always think that they are tough. But actually they are wrong. They might think that they have already built an iron wall (or maybe iron box, that is impossible for people to reach him/her in any way), so that they are “safe”. But unfortunately, it is not an iron wall, but just another transparent glass. Totally fragile. Just throw a stone and It will scatter.

Just open ur heart and let people see the beautiful side of you. U’ll feel better and life will be more meaningful. Trust me. Trust your heart. After all, all of us is beautiful in different way. And everyone has something nice to offer to the rest of the world.

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