Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last week, when I was wondering around with my muffin, suddenly I came across this camera. It IXUS Canon ok. But then, that’s not the reason that makes me soooo excited till, I ternampak this PINK IXUS… I was stunned. Can I have that. OMG!! I know its totally a waste if I were buying this camera while I have this newly bought LUMIX at home. Actually not that baru la. But still, its not even one year old!!
I surprisingly, kak Rah pun minat the same camera jugak.. aa.. sudah. So told her that, I’ve seen someone’s PINK IXUS that’s really trendy. And I saw it at this Blog. Minah ni mmg giler meng-zhang her gadgets. Look at below picture how does she ‘zhang’ her PINK IXUS. Wendy, I’m soooooooooooooooooo jealous of your so stylish camera. Haha as if she gonna at least glace at my blog to read this la. hahhaa.
this is before she pimped her camera

And this is how it looks like after the she zhang it

p/s: kak rah, jangan makan hati tgk ni. huhuh.. walaupun ko mmg x heran pasal gadget yg terlalu diva...

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