Friday, May 09, 2008

Drillbit Taylor.. aha.. not recommand at all

Hi.. last Wednesday, dR, syud n I went for a movie rite after work.. emm., its been awhile that the three of us haven’t get to meet each other after office hour. Normally ain will get in the pic, but nowadays she seems “busy” berchenta.. huhuhu.. apa la ain.. x rock la gini.. it used to be our routine the get together on Friday.. kuar sampai mabuk..ooppsss I mean sampai penat.. huhuhu

First of all, I want to thanks to dirah for the invites..slalu slalu la menang lagi ek. =) btw, kak rah aku curik gambar ni dari blog ko.. hahahha.. the story was ok… it was hilaaaaarious.. omg! Is that obvious… ok ok .. I’m telling the truth, I dun fancy this movie that much but I really enjoyed spending time with y fren. =) at the very beginning of the story it was ok.. and then, there goes the funny scene, so I thought if ranking it 3 stars. But later on comes the boring part, when and the movie’s raking from my POV dropped to 2 stars. Sorry owen Wilson I really like u but I have to give 2 stars for this. I think that he shouldn’t accept this offer in the 1st place.. big mistake.. just my 2 cent..

Last but not least, kak rah thanks..

P/s: dR.. ko mesti pening.. kejapa ku panggil ko kak rah, kejap dR, kejap dirah..

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