Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lipstcik stain on teeth.. its a big NO-NO

Lipstick stain on teeth.. euuuwww... not sexy at all.. seriouslly most of women had facing this problem once or twice..

Just imagine, you are having with this problem on you BIG day.. ohh no!!!! plus, there will be tone of people snapping your photo.. alamak.. and the worst thing is, no ONE mentioned this to you..

Harus la jadi disaster kan..
source : google image

take a look at pic above and put yourself in the situation.. senyum dah habis besar dah, almaklum lah, mekap dari Nurul Shukor yg harga ribu riban, harus la rasa mcm paling lawa kan.. tp.. ada nya lipstick kt cik gigi.. potong betul..

Alrite.. to avoid this disasterous moment, i shall share with you one useful tips..

First, apply your lipstick.
second, wash clean you fingers..

Third, take you index finger and put it into your mouth.. and slowly slide out the finger.

Expected result : you'll see the lipstick acces on your index finger.

How do you get lipstick stain on you teeth. simple.. sometimes you tent to apply the lipstick beyond your lips border (inner section of you lips).. and when you open and close your mouth while talking and so forth, the inner section will contact with your teeth. By doing this, the lipstick access will transform onto your fingers..

lets view this video utk lebih senang paham..

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