Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Azam Tahun Baru... 2010

new year resolution

gile klise.. bila datang tahun baru RAMAI yg beria buat resolution.. believe it or not, it has been several years i didn't set any.. why should i set any if i know that i'm not going to works towards it.. but this year, i definitely have a few...sekali x buat, mmg xde lansung, skali dah buat, siap ada a few.

- Since i just join this co 2 months ago,i want to complete the probation period within 6 months. the earlier the better.

-Work in more projects. And i will write the Project Assessment at end of each project rather than wait till end of half a year. Stop procretinante

-Would like to take my relationship with Hugo to another step.. *nervous nervous*

Health *ok this one i have quite number*
- drink at least a glass of milk on daily basis
- stop eating junk food as it's makes me bold. already.
- excersice regularly. 3 times a week
- short term goal, by end of jan, i'll put off 2 kilos.. *logik rasa nya turun 2 kg dalam sebulan n ini bukan drastik.. rasanya*


Jard The Great said...

hehehe.. lengkap resolution u..

nways.. hope to see u there oso.... =)

thezaila said...

hehe.. thanks Jard.. Hopefully bleh capai semuanya...

yea.. see you soonn =)

thezaila said...
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