Monday, January 25, 2010

Stay on diet is sooo darn difficult..

hi peeps... sorry for the loong pause, currently i'm preparing the door gift for the engagement..
mmg suka utk buat sendiri, air tangan la katakan..

the progress.. just finished 1/7 of the total product.. aduih.. luckily my mom helped me out last nite.. it helps a lot, and i manage to speed up a bit.. thanks ma..

ok.. remember that i mentioned that i wanna loose 2kg by end of this month.. oh boy.. its diff...
the first week, i manage to eat less.. and eat before 7pm.. ok it worked.. i manage to pull out a kilo.. great..

after the bday treat, it seems that i could not stay on diet. and i consistently use the 'oh-never-mind-it's-my-bday'.. i dun dare to look at the scale at the moment..aaaa amik..

i swear i shall start to stay on diet starting this week.. today to be exact.
mari mari semua, mari kita menjaga makan.. basically i have a week to starve eat healthy...


mahira oya said...

i'm so nk diet gaks konon nih..huhu

thezaila said...

mari ya.. mari..

tgh hari makan astro jom..