Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thanks for the Bday wish and yours truly has been verrrrryyyy bussyyyyy

Salam you all.. Sorry for neglecting this blog for a while..
ghee i am verrryyy busy.. typical excuse, i know.. but seriously, i could write more.
tp apakan daya masa sungguh mencemburui...

tetiba rasa nk list down a few thing on what i did for the last few days and what i'm gonna do next!

last friday
- on friday i had to go to sentral for some testing task.
- got back at 6 and rushed to Syaz'a Wedding.. ghee the wedding is like fairy tales.. cumel giler
- after the reception, went out with the samadian, till 2 in the morning *penat*

last saturday
- woke up late and had lunch at baha's.. thanks babe..
- got back around 5pm, and off to redbox for girls nite out..syikin, farihah n me..
- melalaks till almost 1230am.. giler... dah la farihah kena drive balik sensorang..

- pergi wedding kt depan rumah.. sangat ramai org kawin..
- lepas tu, headed to Batu Caves area to book for my engangement cake..
- off to jalan TAR, mak pengantin mama nk tempah baju.
- 5pm teman syikin g bangsar sat.. minum2...
- 6pm off to Hugo's house to finalize a few things.

- Suddenly ada urgent request on another testing purposes.. adoi.. kenapa bagi tau lambat.
- after work, headed to Mandi2, Hugo's dinner treat.. awesome..
- balik rmh prepare slides for the presentation

- berdebar2 nk kena present.
- present
- testing task... ish ish ish
- dinner with family skali ngn mak jah n pak cik Nuar...
- serbei tempat utk ke jemputan astro b.yond bloggers nite.

Wednesday (today)
- finished up the remaining test cases.
- send reports.
- ptg karang, off to hartamas..


- another nuff event Samsung corby Carnival pagi sampai ke petang kt sunway lagoon..
- nk g bawa Hugo ke Tailor

- kelas coklat.. pagi sampai ke ptg..
- nk pergi serbei paper and material for my next project.. I'm lucky that my best frens is there for me to help me out. thanks girls..

things that i'm looking foward
- to blog more. i need to blog bout the Astro B.yond Bloggers Nite ASAP.. nnt xde la macam cerita dah basi, i baru nk keluar kan..
- to blog out bout Samsung Corby Carnival..
- to write an entry for rumah kebaya contest
- to start my project before end of next week and probably could accomplish before the BIG day.
Pending thing
- will blog out on Syaz's wedding..
- upload photos.. amril dah mokak mokak dah, mahu gambar.. sabar dong

ghee.. now i really wish there is more that 24Hours a day.. siapa yg x nk kan...
till the next post..
wish me luck ok..
doa kan i menang lucky draw ek. LCD tv tu, hadiah nya.. bloggers, i shall meet u all kejap lagi...

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