Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cakap Banyak xde hasil.. I took my first step

i guess i've mem-bebel-ing my weight in this blog, like.... forever..... membebel seronok.. makan.. sedap.. bila gemuks, mula risau..
so yesterday, i forced myself to hit the gym. dekat pusat komuniti.. bagus depa ni buat pusat kominiti yg ada pelbagai kemudahan utk masyarakat setempat..

success!! actually i've already pack my t-shirt and jogging pants in my backpack since wednesday... determine gile nk pergi gym lari2 masa rabu lepas.. but then, by petang.. langit mendung.. semendung langit, semendung itulah cita2 ku utk bersenam.. same goes to thursday.. hahah.. giler x kuat lansung.

and on bright sunny friday evening.. i was soo determine to hit the gym.. cakap banyak x guna.. write and enrty to my blog bout my concern doesn't makes any difference.. my lovely fats still here withe me.. that's it.. x pandang belakang, terus ke gym..
did a small checked up last week.. they measured my weight and stuff.. and they advice me to burn 330 cal and take only 1616 calory a day, in order to get to my ideal weight now, dah mencapai 59.1kg.. sila gerun.. so i decided to burn more knowing that i'll probably eat more..

thank god lepas subuh pagi tadi, mama ajak jogging.. fuhhh.. lega.. basically i'll post more pics similar to above to keep track pencapaian gue.. jangan bosan ye..

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