Monday, November 30, 2009

Its voting Time.....!!!!!

Hi people.. Just a gentle reminder.. The voting period for mister potato contest are open now. Starting from today, till 5 Dec 09. If you free in between ur task, and you've nothing better to do... please logon to

No registration required. :D

Below are the simple steps on how u can vote for yours truly.

and click on "The #1 Minster Potato Contest"

Step 2 : Click on "Gallery Page"

Step 3 : Sort by vote. and you'll be able to see me at 1st or 2nd page (setakat ini la)
click at my photo

Step 4 : Click on the "Vote"

Step 5 : Key in the code and click on "Submit"

Walla... Done.. piece of cake rite.. ok readers, i really need ur help.. :D
readers who is not residing inmalaysia, i guess ur vote will count to..
Come on buddy..

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