Monday, November 23, 2009

Biggest Loser Asia

Biggest loser is definitely among my fav reality show. And now it has come to asia people.. so put ur sneakers on.. During my vacation trip with my fellow frens couple of weeks ago, i came accross this.. There were signage to request all guest to be quite since there were recording. And being a kepochi me, i asked the recep.. Hell yea they were recording Biggest Loser Asia..

Tara.. see the signboard up there... The biggest loser gym is actually at A Famosa Resort..

Ok, this is one of the contestant.. hehe.. i wish i were one of the contestant..
There were time, we saw a bunch of people jogged around the area.. but i guess i was too lazy to snap photos.. watdehell.. hehe saya mmg malas..
Till one fine day (cewah, mcm dulu 2 3 minggu kt A famosa tu), while we were on the way to somewhere, we saw this 'losers' were doing there routine, i guess.. Lin was like "Zaila, tu dier biggest loser asia.. amik gambar.." persis mamarazzi, i took out my camera, and shoot..
And this is what i get... Adehh, this neo is not one of the contestant..Let's try another time..

2nd attempt, adoi.. lori la plak... tensi..

since i was eager to snap the 'loser-in-action', amirul pull over.. aaa.. baru la bleh snap snap.. itu pun from far...

ok guys, its time to burn those fat.. burnnn baby burrnn.. come guys, lets fight for the 100k..

omg!! can u see the guy who was holding the mic. I guest, not only the 'loser' loose their weigh, so does the crew.. ok la tu kan..
to all contestant who is still in the game (i guess there are a few people has been eliminated), start ur game, burn more fat and win the money bebeh.. and to all biggest loser fan, stay tune, cz this show will be air today (24/11/09) at Hallmark channel - 702...

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