Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

I ike POTATO soooo much... Mash potato, potato chips, french fies and even kentang dalam kari pun i suka.. but my fav is potato chip.. i like the taste, the crips and whole lot more.. suka suka.. sila jgn la pupus potato chips ni dalam dunia..

While i was browsing nuffnag last week,i came across this contest.. yippeee yipeee yay... who else is the best person to join this competition other than me, THE POTATO CHIPS LOVER... *smile smile*

Hey, if are potato lover, i guess u should join this contest to by logon to .. mari mari mari.. meh join sesama.. the more the merrier..
Plus, the prizes are sooo amazing.. Winner of this contest will bring home cash prize..*Kachinggggg*

• 1st Prize – RM5,000
• 2nd Prize – RM3,000
• 3rd Prize – RM2,000

x nk ke u all..nnt nyesal.. ok, to participate this contest is so simple.. all you have to do is, play the game. and upload a pic of urs.. senang kan.. x yah susah2 pk bagai.. play the game, have fun, camwhoring.. waalaaaa... there u go.. sounds fun.. meh i bagi u lebih teruja.. and i'm telling u this.. this game is soooooo entertaining...

It has a few stages that u need to accomplish..

Stage 1 : Pick the potato.. in order to have great quality, you should pick only the best potato.. Its Important and Mister Potato never COMPROMISE on the quality..


Stage 2 : easy peazy.. answer the question. You may find the answer at one of the celebrity blogger.. mudah kan..


Stage 3 : chop chop chop.. kata chips.. of cz u need to slice the potato.. but remember.. the thickness of ur chips has to be the same.. baru la masak sekata.. we are definitely NOT going to COMPROMISE on this...ada pahamm.. i like this stage a looott... mencabar seyyyy...


U need to accomplish all mission with the time given... bukan suka hati take ur own sweet time ye... ada masa ditetapkan.. baru la thrill sikit kan... so if u manage to accomplish your mission within the time given, u'll be entertain by this 3 cute musician.. nyanyi2 nari2 lagu mister potato.. come.. lets sing n dance along to celeb8 ur victory...lalallalalal..


Stage 4 : Anwer a question on the pack fact.. this is totally kacang putih if u have Mister Potato like ur main course.. heheh.. this is senang giler for me..


Stage 4 : Next, u have to determine whether the potato is 'Super Crunchy' or 'Limp'.. Come on.. this is very vital stage.. the last thing on earth u want is limp potato.. I dun COMPROMISE on limps chips.. It's ain't chip if it's ain't crips...


Step 6 : TOUR.. yippe yipee yay... this tour will show how does Mister Potato is processed. Enjoy je tour tu.. berbaloi baloi..


Step 7 : the last laugh.. Ok this guy will laugh a few times.. and each laugh will represent a note.. at the end of his laugh, u need to figure out the combination note.. thrill ni..


If you answer corectly, the trio will play u a number.. BUT, if you fail to answer or accomplish ur task in given time, this guy will appea n 'ejek' u.. seriously, it is aannoyyyingggg...

Step 8 : the moment of truth.. upload ur pic...

Ok i managed to snap 'a few' photo.. tipu.. sebenar nya amik bannyakk.. but, i have no idea which one to choose.

In random order..

Photo 1 : aikk.. it should be mister potato right.. Not Mrs potato.. Hello, have u forgotten, "behind a successful man, there is a woman.." sila hormat sikit kt Mrs Potato ni..

Photo 2 : I can't get enuff of Mister Potato.... kantoi amik gambar depan cermin.. huhuhu

Photo 4 : Yeeaaa.. he you go.. Mister Potato.. Do u like it.. huhu .. got this hat during my recent vacation.. though it is an actual mister potato hat.. tp ok la kan...

Photo 5 : Ahhaa.. ayaderamba.. I loike Mister Potato.. Call me vain for liking my own product.. but hey, you have to like your own product, before market to others...

Which one should i choose.. it seems like, i like the whole bunch of the photos.. can i upload all?? I like the mrs potato at the same time I like my version of Mister Potato... hahaha me = vain.. ya ya.. call me vain.. huhuhu..

Yes, I'm vain .. sangat.. oleh itu, i've compile a few photo all together..

hehehe.. this is my fav.. remember of what i've said earlier.. behind a successfull man, there is a woman.. So i tot the idea match mister potato with mrs potato is definitely a cute idea.. ohhh aren't they lovely....

This is me.. enjoying my Mister Potato.. Enjoying ke.. Looks like I'm posing with Mister Potato.. hehehe.. vain la katakan.. Yesss, i like Mister Potato sooo much.. Because the chips are crisp.... This is the MUST attribute that CHIPS should HAVE. I will NEVER COMPROMISE on limps chips.. Hey who-makes-ships, please please make sure that ur chips are crisp ok..

This is how i look like when i munch on limp chips... it will ruin my day... aaa dasyat x penangan ke-tak-best-an chips yg lemau.. apa barang chips lemau.. daripada makan chips lemau dan tidak rangup lansung.. baik saya makan, kuih koci.. huhuhu..

yeeayyyy I'm on the top of the world.. this is me, after eating my Mister Potato, it surely make day.... *Lin kata gambar ni semua body parts nampak terbengkang bengkok..*

p/s : To all my readers, nnt vote for me eh.. Bila dah sampai voting period, i roger2 u all eh...If i win, i belanja u all makan roti canai sorang satu and air kosong... so sapa rasa nk minum air nescafe or milo fuze bleh bawa 3 in 1 sendiri.. nklagi best, aku belanja korang masa kenduri aku esok.. ada kijang golek...


mahira oya said...

finally u made it...hehe...
berguna gak topi itu..

thezaila said...

huhu tu la.. sebenarnya beli topi tu, tujuan nya utk benda ni la.. hahahha