Tuesday, November 11, 2008

entry tertunda.. =) well u know me..so, last 4 weeks i went to clinique counter for the skin analysis and to collect my FREE sample (itu tujuan sebenarnya).. after the lady analyst my skin, she asked me regarding my concern.. huhu.. if i were to list down my concern, it will be an endless list.. uneven skin tone, dull skin, pimples (once a while), LARGE pores, unflawless skin..bla bla bla.. what a list!.. don't tell me that i didn't warn ya. :p

so as usual, they suggest me to try dis n that, and tell me what i should put onto my face.. but no obligation to buy.. bagus kan.. mestilah. knowing me as an impulsive buyer, kalau depa dok sogok, pujuk2 beli barang.. kompem aku akan brbondong2 membawa pulang barangan nya. sorry no pics. xde org nk tolong amikkan gambar..
oh ya, i did get something for myself at the end of the day..heheh.. kan dah cakap dah.. i got myself a make up remover. tadaaa.. i seldom use make up remover as i don't really like the oily feeling onto my face. and this one recommended by the beautian n it is not the normal on-the-shelves make up remover..selalunya dalam bentuk cecair tu kan.. tp yg ni dalam bentuk gel lebih kurang mcm ur cleansing gel.. normally we use the liquid form of make up remover or sometime, baby oil. no arguement. but this typical make up remover only removes the makeup on the surface. do u realize that when ever we apply make up, more or less it will absorb into your skin.. kalau gituan, mcm mana mau remove make up itu ya.. aa.. since i put 'ici dulax' onto my face on regular basis, so i guess it a must for me to grab one of this. =) maka, sesiapa yg bermake up (even tho if u only apply compact powder), i suggest u guna ini..

aaa.. ada satu lagi.. tips kalau u g beli counter brands ni.. ask for samples.. sometime the sample comes in very generous of amount.. tahan la seminggu 2.. aaa . ni tips yg dirasakan berguna utk ask for sample... masa diorg bagi cuba itu dan ini kan.. if u really like the product.. korang buat2 la ekspresi lelebih tp jgn over (aa.. comno tu..??) for instence.. hari tu dier bagi i try turnaround concetrade.. bagus utk mempercepatkan sel2 kulit utk procude..(bahasa tunggang langgang.. lantok le.. janji korang paham.)bila cepat sel2 kulit dibina.. maka mcm cantik la kulit tu kan.. sbb sokmo sel baru..masa letak kt tangan tu.. mmg rasa lembut n dah mula terbayang2 kulit pipi i yg gebus setelah menggunakan product ini.."omg!!! my skin feels smooth la.. i am so totally felt in love with this..and that that sun block is awesome.. x rasa oily lansung. cool.." puji, is the key word!!!

bila dier nk g amik my make up remover, terus dier bagi i 2 sample - turnaround concetrade n sun block.. buat baik ada ganjaran nya..

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