Thursday, November 13, 2008

ini satu kisah di mana zul n i went to IKEA. this is my first time there.. seriously.. mmg pertama kali.. and kali pun puas dok pujuk cik zul ni bawa ke sana... sayang i know u are reading this.. take not yea.. next time if i nk g memana.. u kena shoot terus bawa ke sana.. wah, did i just sounded QC.. ada potential nampak.. alamak.. terlebi suudah.. sambil pusing2, sambil ambil snap snap..

it wall color is awesome.. yeah knowing me who loves pink karer so much.. i think this colour is really sweeettt... sweeet like candy. =)

the wall deco is crayly amazing.. such a cute.. simple n nice.. ok this is where less is more applied.. other that this i think 'more is more'. no arguement.. hahah.. kuasa veto nih..

what is the best to match the pink-decorated-wall other than this lovely shade of pink drawer. PERFECT!!! bila agak nya pink will become the next black..

This is how a baby girl's bad room.. if my future daughter's room looks like this, mak nya berkampung kt bilik ni pun xpe.. and of cz i'm gonna heret the daddy as well.. =)

totally fell in love with this wall deco.. loveee the flower lamp. dah nampak mcm garden pula.. love love love...

penat..? lets have a sit.. =) sesambil tu, smile for the camera.. say IKEAAA...

oohh ghee.. i found my long-lost-twin.. i'm definitely gonna bite my lil twin.. how on earth we are wearing the same outfit and be at the same place, at the same time.. it'a a major malu moment..hahaha.. apa yg ko merepek ni labu..

it's a bat, he's the man.. can we consider the combination of 'em both as a batman.. since i'm sooo malas nk kelek.. so the batman has to kelek.. i know he looked ridiculous bawa beg ikea gituan.. tp kalau hari2 biasa, mmg i xkan beri dier bawa my handbag. guys n handbag is totally x sesuai and i can't understand when a gf ask their bf to carry their handbag.. sama ada malas nk bawak atau she just want to tell the whole wide world her guy is taken.. punya la offense, my 2 cent...

have a break.. grab a cup of coffee.. or tea if u don't coffee... sip sip sip..

ok dah penat jalan, sayang.. let's camwhoring.. 1..2..3.. smile...

another shot... light, camera, ACTION... don't forget the winning smile..=D

aha.. mirror.. come let's happily camwhoring.. "mirror, mirror on the wall whose the cutest couple of 'em all.." wah.. soklan.. mau pecah kaca tuh..

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