Wednesday, October 10, 2007


hi people.. so we just left a few days to celebrate hari raya.. OMG.. time flies really fast.. for the past three days, i managed to get my sleep only at 1 a.m.. buat apa?? apa lagi.. dok membuat kuih raya.. alhamdulillah, siap juga semua tempahan semua.. to you people who have been supporting my little tiny miny business, thanks a lot.. should i do it next year or shouldn't i..? i still need to figure out.. to all buyers thanks a lot and i hope you do enjoy the cookies.. hope you really like it..
oh ya... yesterday my mom told me that she recieved water bill.. yeah. so what's the big deal.. don't we get that every single month without fail.. yup.. but that's not the point..she said, while she was doing her stuff, suddenly she heard someone knocked the door.. she just ignore it, perhaps, maybe it would be 'bangla' selling carpert... she already bought one anyway..
however, that fella still knocking and my mom had no other choice but to answer. suddenly, the water boy (betul ke term ni.. haha .. wut eva..) handed water bill... and surprisingly the amount of the bill is RM300.. what the heck..!!! terus xde mood.. berbuka pn main beli je.. tensi gel....
-the end-
p/s: gile bosan pengakhiran entry kali..

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