Thursday, October 25, 2007

one step at a time

hi.. slamat hari raya semua..
emmm.. skang ni sejak dah kena buat projek baru.. things are getting more difficult.. yeah.. just like i expected..but it's ok.. mana ada keje yg senang kan.. but... at a time that i clueless.. i feel like i'm giving up.. quickly i pull myself together and keep on tell myself to take a step at a time.. and dun forget to breathe at the same time.. then only u can think straight.. for the time being.. lemme focus on this "number normalization" first..
p/s: bila sebut perkataan 'normalization'.. teringat masa amik subject Database dulu.. punya nya jenuh nk normalize table2 yg ada tu... i miss my uni life...

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