Friday, October 26, 2007

i dun know how do we really behave, react or say it out. we have many friends around but not many or none of them can really tell us who we realy are... it could be lots of possibilities why they can't do so.. maybe they just wanna 'jaga hati' or they just dun have the guts to tell us straight to the face or maybe they dun really know urself.. sometime i always wish that i could see myself as other people see myself.. selalu terbayang yg akan dapat tgk melalui mimpi..yeah in that way u can improve urself and change for the better.. that's y people always said.."be careful of what u r wishing for..."

yeah.. i guess i did see myself in other people.. there are things that i like very much and there are things that need a lil bit of .. shall i say 'adjustment'... yup i'm tring my level best to change for the better Zaila.. but of cz i need time.. after all.. rome is not built over a night..

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