Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Zaila.. i seldom heard this name.. x macam hidayah...(we have a lot of hidayas around..), aishah, diana.. etc.. i never knew what does 'Zaila' meant. i did ask my mom.. and she has no idea.."tp kenapa mama letak nama 'Zaila tu".."sebab it sounded good".. all this while i thought that 'Zaila' doesn't has any meaning.. it just a name.. so.. since i'm so bosan this morning.. i tried to google my name.. and i came accross this page.. oohh.. now i know that, nama 'Zaila' ada maksud rupa nya..

The meaning of the name Zaila is Might, Power
The origin of the name Zaila is Arabic
Zaila is on 193 favorite name lists
326 have rated the name Zaila

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