Thursday, January 05, 2006

less than perfect

hii... new semester just begin 3 weeks ago... to be in a campus that has so much energy and full of tradition. is more than i could asked for.

nothing much on the early of semester. chit-chat bout thing we did during semester break, check out new gossips (girls will be girls..hehehe). just enrolled for new semester a week ago. as usual, i had to go through all the prosedure, get my last semester result slip, meet lectures, worrying bout my final year project,bla bla bla..kinda buzybut i'm so excited to go through my last valueable semester in campus.

but i guess something missing.... could't figure out what is that.. somethings that makes my new semester less perfect.. emmmm.. probably it could be the feeling being it the last semester of the three years course.. super senior, huh? anyway, i'll keep my finger crossed, hoping everything will be fine and smooth as i planned..wish me luck k!! Daaaa....

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