Saturday, January 07, 2006

malaysian top .... who..?

Malaysian Top ... Who..?
readers, remind this date, cause i'm going to write bout a gossip..first time ever!! so the story began like this.. my friend asked me to send her to airporta few days ago, no sweat.. once i reached at the airport, the ticket girl told my fren that the flight has been delay to later we lingger around the airport until we bumped wif our collouges and there goes so called "selebrity". asked me where am i up to.. i totally have no problem to answer her question, but the big question is, why does she has to raised her voice. Hello!! i'm just stading beside you and i didn't see any point that she should raise up her eirky voice..ok that's one thing.. scene 1.

scene 2.. i guess she was so upsad bout the delay and she headed straight away to the counter to get some infos.. and you know what, once again she raised her voice at the ticket man (a pak cik type).."nanti kalalu ada sebarang perubahan, tolong call saya segera.. immediately". wow.. the really firm enough... emm just a few month in show bizz, you already acting like a diva JUST LIKE MATERIAL GIRL Modonna or mrs-Great-Butt JLo.. i only have one word for you..PATHETIC!!! huh!! excuse me girl have your parents taught about to be polite to the elders??!! my God.

i don't mind if she usually talk with that tone of voice in her daily life, but as far as i'm concern, she speaks softly while hosting programs. so why don't you maintain that tone when it comes to communicate with other people..
come on, being on a few tv shows and got yourself's photo printed in the newspaper,you have all the right to act so bi-acth.

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