Thursday, April 03, 2008

Diana Ong, Her Cupcake and he who likes cupcake alot!!!

cupcake is always been my favourite of all time.. i still remember when i was young, i used to eat cupcake every single morning before headed to school.. btw it was soooooo cheap during that time. cost around 10 sen per cupcake.. its just a simple-but-still-cute one. of cz, cupcakes will always be cupcakes... bukan macam sekarang punya cupcake.. deco cupcake tu punya cantik..sampai rasa x sampai hati nk makan.. =)

opppsss... i tot this entry is suppose to be about diana ong.. yeah.. she's leaving.. alamak.. aiyo nyonya why do u have to go la.. yesterday she came over to my place and handed kirah and i a veerryyyy cute cupcake.. thanks babe.. and the cupcakes look soo cute and simple... KIT ya..

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