Friday, April 11, 2008


Today, I’m feeling a bit cloudy.. by the way its raining out there.. and I was sneezing throughout the day.. and I have tons of work.. Perfect… but anyway.. life have to go on right… speaking of sick stuff, illness, pain.. and stuff like that, I actually read an article regarding recovering from illnesses. It says that if u are a cheerful person, the healing process will speed up a lil bit. Even though they don’t really proof or something, but it really helps you to recover. But one thing for sure and it is proven is that, if u are a grumpy kinda person, it will actually slow down the healing process. Sad huh.. I bet we’ve watched a lots of movies or dramas shows that sickening and grumpy people don’t really recover and the matter of fact that they are dying. And on the other hand, one sick patient who become more cheerful, doing something meaning full will end up recover even sooner that it thing that I dun really get here.. Why do you have to be grumpy in the first place..? Especially when you are sick? Come on.. gimme a break.. if u are soooo ill, and probably you can’t carry on with most of your daily routine.. and you definitely need someone’s help. And if u are bed-ridden.. that’s even worst.. dah jadi mcm tu pn nk jadi grumpy lagi.. seriously I don’t understand this folks… dah la x berdaya lagi nk emo emo pulak… if you think that you are sick, I mean sick as in ill, appreciate people around you that have done a lot for you favour. Dun just be sell-fish and think bout urself.

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