Monday, July 23, 2007

nani's wed

heheh.. since everybody give thier comment on nani's wedding, i also dun want to left out a lil something from me.. so we went there by 2 cars, baha's n mine.. at first, we(oya, syud, baha, yan, yin, ita,) decide to gether there around 11 but later on postponed it to 12 .(yeah.. i guess 11 am is too early to go to poeple's wedding).. but it turned up an hour late.. due to massive traffic jammed at federal highway.. ciss.. hampes sungguh.. and to make thing worst.. it was raining.. as we reach there.. we met lots of our kustem pal.. oya, syud, baha, yan, yin, ita, najwa,dR, ain,maya, salmi, salwa, dayah, husna, ayu, dat, sab.. forgive me if i left any of ur names..huhuhu.. so after the wedding, we went to OU.. gets something to munch, chit chat.. it seems ages that we didn't hang out together end laugh till burst into tears.. hahaha.. oh ya.. not forgetting, happy belated birthdaya to oya who celebrated her 23rd bday last 20 July.. so basically we just bought a cake for her.. everything was all-the-sudden-idea.. hehe.. and the best part is, we plan to for a short vacation this weekend..ghee..i am sooooo excited to the max.. guess i'm not the only one who is looking foward for this vacation..everybody IS.!!!!!

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