Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Love I Blind But Marriage Is The Eye Opener

True enuff.. I’ll buy that.. just after u say “I do” or “aku terima nikah nya” then only you realize who he is (the good n bad… the positive and negative…).. I’ve heard and read a lots of comment by wives on how their husband chance after they got married.. if they chance for better person, congratulation.. how bout if he chance for worst.. ghee that’a a nightmare. I remember there was a ‘ceramah’ by this ustaz on tv couple of month a go.. he said, “ramai kata yang lelaki berubah selepas berkahwin.. tetapi mereka sebenarnya tidak berubah. Itu adalah diri mereka sebenar sebelum dan selepas kahwin. Yang menyebabkan orang perempuan merasakan suami mereka sudah berubah selepas kawin adalah kerana, lelaki tidak menunjukkan sifat mereka itu sebelum kawin..” what!!! Ni yang bahaya ni.. well people say that marriage is “rezeki”. We wouldn’t know how’s our journey will be.. All I can say is.. Pray for the best!!

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