Monday, July 22, 2013

I've received my first sem result..

So yeaaahh.. I've received my first semester result. 
Of course I'm not going to put the result on the blog. I admit i didn't pass with flying colors but i must say, i pretty much content with the result. Harus la, during examination weeks, 12 jam kt office, and I only got do my revision  at 2am till 4 am..OK la, lepas la utk proceed ke semester berikut nya.

A friend of mine once asked me, "u have a baby rite. how do u juggle between study, baby and work." *owh she forgets to add wife and daughter to her list* hahahha
i told her, "owh i have a friend with a baby and a toddler, working, and at the same time, study for her PhD. So that motivates me"

To tell u the truth, it is not easy. seriously. Furthermore, I'm taking totally different course from my degree. Just imagine, that we have to complete 12 syllabus of  Accounting, 10 chapters for Marketing Management and 11 chap for Human Capital Management in 5 frigging months.!!Absurd. Plus I don't even have accounting background. Ok tipu. i did learn basic accounting a chapter related to accounting in Kemahiran Hidup Tingkatan 3!!! Aci ke tidak.. ahaha

So my class routine during study would be, 3 classes per week which is starts at 6.30pm and end at 9.30.. phewww.. the number of classes depend the number of subject u decide to enroll per semester. Since the distance between campus and home-sweet-home is about 7-8 km, i will reach home around 9.50pm and if i'm lucky, Syakir will wide awake. So that i could spend some mother-and-son-bonding-time before he goes to bed. :(

I have to thank my husband for being so understanding with my work + study load. Thanks darl.
and not forgetting mommy dearest who helped me out to look after my little rascal. thanks mom!!!

and at this moment, i'm on semester break, yeeehaaa.. tu sebab ada masa nk tulis entry.. hahahaha..
sebenarnya plan nk amik short sem, tp disebabkan trauma x habis, maka batalkan hasrat nk amik short sem.. ye la. the last time i sit in the examination hall was 7 YEARS ago.. harus terkejut nk duduk pekse balik. hahah nasib x pengsan masa jawab soalan hari tu.. pejam celik, pejam celik, dah habis satu semester uols... seronok sangat.. ok la.. till then.. tata..


hana yoriee said...

go zaila! U can do it.. Penat kan nak handle semua pada suatu masa? InsyaAllah semuanya akan berbaloi suatu hari nanti =)

cha said...

bagusnya u. how i wish i boleh gigih mcm u. i yang takde anak lg pun malas malas je nak sambung belajar huhu rasa penat sgt. salute la kt u :D

Anonymous said...

Yoohooo.. Lama tak dgr cerita. Saw you blog name and title when I was going through Munirah's. All the best for the next few semesters.

In shaa Allah I will go through the same go to class, only 2 hours of sleep a day, exam halls. Doa for me ya.

Keep on writing and see you around. Take care.

Follow me back at ait.



thezaila said...

hana yorie --> thanks hana.. nk amik semangat awak sikit.. anyhow.. good luck with ur phd....

cha --> i have to do this.. xmo duduk dlm IT industry dah.. hihi

amyrah --> hi babe.. its been ages since the last time i met u.. u pun sambung belajar eh.. good luck to u too!!!

~YUN~ said...

Salute u!! pn sambung study jugak,buat master full time...mmg kdng rasa letih...dgn preggy yg lg motivate bc ur entry!good luck with ur study! :)

QueenBz said...

Gooo makla!
ni buat aku pikir 800juta kali nak sambung ke tak. haha