Thursday, May 24, 2012

How would u dance in the Club. I'll be the beyocet of cz..

hahah.. not much update recently, accept baby Z is getting smarter.. yeaayy.. and he has 2 teeth !!!! and he bites.. ouccchhhh *tears*

anyhow, would like to show u guys two videos where i find it damn hilarious.. ketawa samapai keluar air mata ok..

so how would u dance in the club. i've never been to any club. *very the virgin Mary kan*
but i love to dance. and, i secretly dance my heart out in my own room and sometimes in the shower. ok that explain why i spend hours in the shower. sorry mom..

so how do u categorizes ur moves.. the ayam, the cucuk-bintang, bla bla.. me?? i'm the clutch shower.. clutch gucci ok.. eh tak.. mak beyonce ok..

this guy is funny. tp i lebih suka matlutfie.. eh tetiba..


Wani said...

Lol XD

thezaila said...

this is hilarious rite?

Anonymous said...

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