Thursday, January 12, 2012

another year wiser

another year wiser..

thank you Allah for the health n rezeki given.

pray that i will become a better person.


teringat akan video ini..

comel n suwwiittt..

i had the same moment yesterday. Thanks husband!!!!
u made me cry..
and i saw tears in your eyes too!! *x sangka n terharu*


hana yoriee said...

aiyakk..mcm mana saya boleh terlepas pandang?? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MOMMY Z..

nizabeba said...

Happy belated birthday zaila! tgk video tu mmg terharu..

thezaila said...

hana yoriee--> hi hana.. tengkiu... =)

nizabeba --> tq niza.. me too, terharu tgk video tu :)