Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Making Of.. Mister Potato

Yea.. I can't get enuff of mister potato contest. :)
I'm going to bring u to the journey of creating the images of Mister Potato.. For the Contest of coz.
Oh, by the way.. A million thanks to all of you who voted for ME.. thanks a bunch...

I always wanted to join this contest in the first place. But I'm just not quit sure what sort of photo should i post in.. I guess something like below will do..

One thing for sure, i need a big hat like mister potato's. If not the exact same hat, at least it resembles one.

At last, i got myself a hat. bought it at A Famosa. Tingg.. And another important item to create Mister Potato is his BIG mustache, since i could not find any at the nearest store, so i decided to just draw it.. :)

So there you go... I purposely bought the black water colour and a brush. at first i wanted to use my eye liner, but the outcome might not be as dark as i wish to.. last resort, Black water colour. Lucky i could buy this single colour instead buy the whole box with 12 other colours...

Ok, because i didn't have steady hands, i need to practise on the drawing.. gheee, this mustace looks like worm... eeuuwwww... ok zaila stop it.. just do it for the contest..

After a lil practise on the back of my hands, I'm ready to apply onto my upper lips.. it turned out pretty good i shall say.. don't u think so.. *puji diri sendiri la plak...* done with the right side.. Now my only concern is, am i able to draw the exact patern on the left side... ngeeeeee... *panic panis*

Take a chill pill zaila.. mustace comes in pair, it doesn't matter it did not turn out the exact same shape, size at both sides.. In fact they are pair, not TWIN!!!


drew another one at the other side.. and... wallah.. here is the result..

Not bad for people who has two left hands. :)
yeeaaaa.. i manage to create the image of mister potato!!!


zailamohamad said...

hi Zaila, juat wanna tell you dat me too also join the contest & guess what i've got a pair of tickets to this Mister Potato Fiesta about you?? hope to meet you in that event..see ya;)

thezaila said...

Hi Zaila.. Me too.. got the invitation as well.. and Probably will be there.. See you.. OMG.. i am sooo excited....