Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a quick update..

ghee last weekend was a blast..... when i said its a blast, it is a blast... I was pretty tied up with things.
First one of my besties suda kahwin.. Congrats babe... this was on Friday. I was at putrajaya for the event from noon til nite..
On Saturday, i was on 'marathon' from one pace to another. Been to Mister Potato Fiesta.. tunggu, will update on that later.. did i win.. u have to wait...
ahad, thought gonna balas dendan utk tido sampai tinggi hari.. but nan ado..
ok, will update bout this things later..
got a few entries queueing up.. got thousands of stuff to share, but very limited time to write.. gambo pun banyak gak nk upload.. tp kemalasan nk transfer those picca, resize and stuff..
patut pun la aku bukan blogger tegar..

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