Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Colour Me Corby

I can't really imagine life without colours. Just black n white.. it is super duper dull isn't it. NO matter how live the crowd is, how nice an event would be, but without coulours, it would pretty much... BOOORINNGGG..

Look at this pic below. It was taken yearrrsss back.. sorry guys, tonite, i'm a bit melancholic and I was digging my old picca collections.. So bare with the muka baru akhil baligh... huuhuhuhu...

This was 4 5 years back, during buka puasa. It was ages.. It's good that we could meet up with our school buddies.. it was great.. but looking everyone in black-white range of colour, it is 101 NOT FUN!!!!

I'm glad that i have a very colourfull live.. With lively people around me, i could not as for more..

This is my mom... She plays an important roll to colour my live.. She taught me my very first step.. My very first ABC and she also taught me bout live.. I can't never thank her enuff.. if i were to rate my mom in colour form, I shall rate her rainbow... one colour is just not enuff for this wonderful lady..

Frens of mine.. This photo is my fav among all.. we were on the way to Pulau Redang for junior orientation. Please ignore those pimple and the selekeh-ness.. But hey, frens never give a damn on how do u look.. That's why friends are forever..

People... remember this photo tak.. it was taken during out MJM(kot??).. we have team red and team blue.. hehhe, konon la.. not matter which team we are, its just colours and it does not set any boundary to our friendship.. miss u guyss..

Lets dance.. giler godek gambar lama... Rite before the performance.. love the baju and those colourful flowers, kt sanggul mak temah,and make up.. mak nampak mcm drag queen dah nyah, dgn eye shadow .. biru kot.. in dance or performance you have to put extra effort in combining the colours. Recall that i can't stop asking, 'sudah ke.. ish x banyak sangat ke bedak, lip stick bla bla..' afraid that i will look like opera cina.. but then, the seniors said that i wouldn't look next to opera cina as from far, it will look 'natural' auuuwww...
Anyhow, no matter what colours in my life, i only like one colour.. If i were to save a colour from pupus, I'll save PINK...!!!

Yes, PINK is my colour. Yea i know some people will relate PINK with gedix, hey, it doesn't matter.. it's just your two cent... I can really go ga ga upon PINK stuff.. Come, lets me embark you on WORLD PINK journey of mine.. hehehe

As an IBMer, i do swear on work life balance.. heheh konon.. yea but its true.. life is not only bout 9-5 working hour.. or maybe some of you will work 24-7 around the clock.. but, that is soo not me.. in my spare time, i do play my PINK PSP.. yea...

tgk.. its PINK n its LOVELY.. don't you think soo???

Taking note is soo much important since i'm soo forgetful, therefore i need to jot down things.. Blame it at short term memory.. For me i have to write in style.. My note book, its all PINK... No compromise.. unless if i really could not find any PINK notebook in the store. =)

see those foot ware.. yea i know, the PINK sequeens ballerina shoe is OTT(over the top).. i kan diva.. harus OTT.. remember Kimora baby... for me, MORE is MORE.. Have another few pairs of PINK footware, but very the xde masa to snap.. =)

i think its not too much if i said that PINK makes people feel happy.. PINK peoples are HAPPY people.. Suka hati buat hipotesis sendiri.. But just look at the cheerleaders, they are happy in PNIK .. My frens and I, we are in PINK high... that's why we act like mad-super-cute-chich..hehehhe..

Once in a while i do get myself involve in awareness campaign such as Breast Cancer Awareness Campign. By attending this sort of campaign, at least i'm prepared for the worst case scenario, or at least i could share the opinion with my fellow friends.. And it happen that most awareness campaign uses PINK as the theme colour.. YEAAAAYYY...
This is just tip of an iceberg on my PINK madness.. So if i have to choose one colour among ALL colours in SAMSUNG CORBY, i'll choose PINK!!! CORBY PINK will definitely colour my WORLD..

I believe, PINK is the new BLACK.. come macho guys out there, PINK is not a colour for girls only..
Even Fahrin Ahmad, wears PINK and he is soooo machoo..

Hidung berdarah
Oh ya.. last but not least.. Layan kan aja video clip from 2 pm a K-Pop band..

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