Thursday, September 17, 2009

first cut is the deepest..

I cut myself.. its not like i purposely go and cut my finger. I t was an accident.. gheee it hurts so badly.

so here the thing went. yesterday, i was chopping something and being a smart Alex i didn't use chopping board. smart huhu.. while i was chopping n cutting stuff, suddenly i have this instinct that i'm gonna cut my finger.. split second, there you go, i cut myself, without even having second to reract towards my 'early vision'. ok, am i gifted or what.. damn.. it was painful like hell.. and the blood kept on dripping like there is no tomorrow. demmit.. my blood was all over the kitchen floor and i quickly put my fingers under the running water... sakit dehhh..x senpat nk snap2 ari sendiri, lagipun
ianya bukanlah satu permandangan yg indah utk dikongsi.

i can see the flesh through the cut.. so can u imagine how teruk it is.. probably i did something wrong yesteday and God is really upset with.. amik ko.. dapat cash..

this is not the first time, terluka terkena pisau.. but previously tu, just light cut and it wasn't bleeding at all..

what a way to celebrate raya =(

p/s: damnn. my finger hurts badly especially when ever i lift up stuff or there is stress n pressure put onto my left fingger. oh ya, i the injury is at my index finger, and mcm mana nk korek hidung nih.. ooppss too much ifo i guess..


makcik said...

letak garam pastu perah asam limau sikit..

thezaila said...

mak aih.. betulke petua ini.. mcm nk membunuh jek...