Sunday, September 06, 2009

Am I a CHIC or am I a DUDE

All the sudden i was thinking to write a post just to win me a pair of tic to 'The Ugly Truth Screening' but i'm not quite sure whether those tics are still up for grab.. Anyway.. Just wanna write something bout it.. Hoping i do have luck on those tec :D
Am I a Chic or am I a DUDE.. You tell me..
When make up is my best fren.. Hugo, Syikin you guys are still my bestest fren.. I really wish that I have endless supply of make up.. any body wanna sponsor me. (._.)

Next.. My best WORK out, is Shopping. Hello, it takes a lot of energy to hunt those nice things especially when there is Sales around. Ya good thing does not come in bulk. Of course u have to grab it before someone does.. hehehe
Being a chic u have the right to shed tears anywhere anytime.. OK, u can call me cenggeng.. I guess it is a previllage being a girl/chic.. We dont' see any dude shed tears in public, don't we?
Aha.. I do catch the hottest gossip occassionally. *ye la tu*...
Now u decide.. A chic or a dude..
Definitely I'm a CHIC ..
Its proven that I'm a chic.. I got 4 out of 5 in the game. Click on the image for larger view.
*i tak tipu*

Notice that i only scored 4 out of 5, means I'm 80% chic and 20%.. well i do have a dude touch in me.. And the ugly truth is,

I do brupp like a DUDE.. BRRUUUUUPPPPPP.. alhamdulillah.. Excuse me.
*and of course i don't bruup out loud in public.. *

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