Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back..

yess.. I'm back. But I'm not in the best condition of health.. Masih sakit2 sikit.. And after 2 days leave and one day MC last week, it leaves me with tonne of work.. *sigh* oh ya, last week i went to this assessment program, its more or less mcm 2nd stage of the interview process.. yea.. will talk bout it later..

but currently, i dun feel good. My body is physically at the office but my mind is off to somewhere else. In fact there is this task (susah gel) that i need to complete it by today or latest by tomorrow.. Ghee... that is killing me for sure. By looking at the endless SQL command, feel like i wanna puke. then i just stare at it wishing i could digest it. nadaaa.. *ngeeee..* adeh, ilham sila la turun, bagi idea sikit nk buaat mcm mana.

oh ya, hi pal.. one of our fren is amitted. Its Lin.. Meks text me yesterday and broke the news. kena tahan wad. Sama ada denggi atau H1N1.. ya Allah, selamat kan la sahabat ku ini.. kengkawan yg lain, meh sama2 doa kan kesihatan lin.. i tried to called lin just, but i guest she off her phone. so skang Lin ada kt Hospital Sq Buluh. x pasti, Lin dibenarkan terima pelawat ke tidak..

ok la.. that a lil update for now... nk sambung tgk SQL balik.. nak sambung muntah balik... *uweekk uweekk*

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