Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ola comostas

Ola comstas people.. its been a while.. been bz. last weekend I was extrealy busy especialy on saturday. Just a quick update on what i did last weekend. I shall write further details on upcoming entries. (wah budget mcm celebrity yg mana org ternanti perkembangnya.. )

on saturday, woke preety earlier. online for a while just to checked out my cookies class location. sharp 9.30 drove to cake connection. classes ended at 1.30pm, me and the entire class had SO MUCH FUN!! Thanks cikgu Azrina. Love ya.. Reach home at 2, zuhur and got ready for next event. 2.45 met Syikin n Safa, headed to UM for Badiatul's wedding.. borak sakan. By 5.30, we cabut-ed from the vanue, reach home bout 6, buat apa yg patut dibuat.. around 620, off to syikin's house and headed to Putrajaya for the SHAPE RUN!!!! Yeehaaaa.
Notice that i did stated, pukul brapa keluar n sampai rmh bagai. yess its all about time people.. eventually, i don't even have time to breath.. naaa just kidding. Nasib la, bernafas itu satu tindakkan luar kawalan, otherwise, mmg terlupa nk mengambil napas..

stay tune as i'll be story mory in details.. cewah.. mcm best sangat pun =P

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