Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another song to be added in my wedding playlist

Entry lama, saja up kan.. ramai yg tgh cari lagu best utk kawin.. this is my personal fav..layannnn

Yesterday, while i was browsing though wedding videos, i came across a wedding clip with this song as the background song. The very first moment i listened to this number, my heart melt. Oh my God!!! It's amazingly beautiful song. The melody is perfect, the lyrics are superb. What else can i say. I bet you will definitely fall in love with the song...

oh ya, probably you are wondering whose voices behind this beautiful song... Its from Innuendo.. Yup, non other Malaysian Boys II Men.

I never knew that you'll be so beautiful
I never thought in a million years you'll be mine…
For all my life been waiting for to see a dream coming true
I never wants believe there's someone there like you

So there I was, try to make it all my own
Alone and soon I thought I couldn't change the whole world
For all my life been searching always try to find
Someone like to love me until the end of time

And I give my heart and soul
I give it all to you…to you
All my hopes and dreams someday
This wedding ring
I love you, until the end of time

All the sweet days
I love the little thing you said
You know I hope for
You said you take my breath away
What have I done to deserve you my lady
To feel your love inside
To know that you will love me until the end of time

And I give my heart and soul
I give it all to you…to you
All my hopes and dreams someday
This diamond ring
I love you, I really love you
And I give my heart and soul
This wedding ring (just take it all, I only need you, I need you)
Darling I just love you so, I love you so…
Hope you can believe it
This beauty in my heart
And then I'll be with you until the end of time

I tried to search if there is any MTV by innuendo for this song.. Unfortunately, negative.. But I found this instead. Soo.. layannnn...


Squarecut Ring said...

i love this song too. ^_^

Cik Belle said...

aww, i pon suke lagu nieh! hehe

thezaila said...

SCR --> menusuk qolbu kan

Cik Belle --> sungguh meruntun jiwa kan..i sooka sangat..

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

wahh, i buta music so tak taw lagu2 nie.. tp dgr lagu nie, layannnn.! best.

Kelvin said...

nice to see my video embedded in your blog, tho it wasnt exactly the video but more of the song used.. i too am a big fan of Innuendo.. sad that they couldn't maintain the grp.. but my friends in msia told me they kinda got back together ?

anyway, congrates on the wedding.. this song will be my wedding song too :) if i find someone to grow old with that is.. until then, stay happy :)

Kelvin Lim.