Monday, June 01, 2009

The Day My Pink Carze Had Reached To The Max!!!

The day that my PINK craze had reached the limit.. boleh x nk semua in pink.. yeah, i bet the pink hater will hate me..
PINK hummer.. come on, a femine lady also has a masculine side too.. we want to look so manly and at the same time, we lwant to look CUTE to.. does this goes hand in hand???

yea i know.. this thing looks like one of the stuff that people use during ...aa..u know waht i mean.. but.. forget it.. just imagine that cops arrest the criminal with pink cuff.. CUTE... IDTS.. but i like the idea..

just imagine if malaysia phone booth is pink in color.. man, i can leave in this phone booth.. this is totally more refreshing compare to the yellow/blue phone booth that we have around.

ok, is it too much to ask everyone in the company to use a pink notebook decorated with PINK fluffy thinggy..????

Hugo, can our future kitch painted in PINK. and the fridge too.. and the cabinet as welll.. oh ya, as for the plat, spatula, spoon n fork etc too... *wink wink*

i will be one proud driver in this cutey pie... love love love...

if my bedroom looks like this, i'll stay in the room forever.. swear....
ok, enuff of the pink craze.. mahu berpijak di bumi yg nyata plak.. =)

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