Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This entry has nothing to do with Mendua the singing group...
last week, Huga email me (we do emails everyday =)).. and asking me.. it went like..

sayang..u mendua kan i ek?

and i was like, apakah.. its totally one of the "apakah?" moment.

and i did clicked on the link given...

ok.. this is like soo .... uuuhhh.. i got nothing to say.. i'm enggage, and hell yeah, i dun even know when... actually its not me la.. just another person with the same name... giler perasan.. entah ke bila nk engange pun x tau.. engange on the phone slalu la.. tp engange in the sense of his parents come over to my house with the bling..engak tahu sei kebilaan..

and lately, my neighbour dah start tanya dah bila hari lansung nya.. i baru 25 ok.. then all the sudden, one of my matrix fren texted me.. "uikksss zaila, ko dah kawin ek..? *have nothing to say*

p/s : notice my task bar.. yg ecosway control center n the DBlist .. sesaja je aku bukak.. kot ada org lalu lalang. cecepat click , as if mcm buat keje la kan... even xde keje.. jgn nampak xde keje sangat.. saya xde keje ek, bukan x buat keje... =)

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